Syndrome – experimental progressive alternative rock

Colourful Cows – Syndrome

No, it’s not an illness but the latest e.p. from Alt-electro band Syndrome from …. well, it’s a bit hard to say where, for sure, actually.
Syndrome1The website is which I have seen used for Dutch websites before so I assumed the band were Dutch, but then I discovered that at least two of the members have Israeli connections (which doesn’t mean they can’t be Dutch)
Then I just looked on Wikipedia and found the following
“The .nu domain is particularly popular in Sweden, Denmark, theNetherlands and Belgium, as nu is the word for “now” in Swedish,Danish and Dutch”
In other words the domain does not prove anything.

Well it doesn’t matter really does it? Judging by the artistic content of the music and lyrics this is a band made up of citizens of Earth.

The band says

The EP describes the first part in a story about the “Colourful-Cows”, a metaphor for our life and society.

You can purchase the e.p. from their Bandcamp page and name your own price, though as always, I would urge you to pay something.

Syndrome2My immediate thoughts on first listening was Joe Inkpen would like this. Followed by XRP radio would want to play this.

Then I also started to hear similarities with the mighty Pink Floyd but emphatically the Roger Waters influenced part of that band’s oeuvre. This is even darker in places than The Wall. Some of the music paints an aural picture of grinding oppression, like that of, for example, “Empty Spaces” scary and intense, a real emotional journey.

Syndrome3None of the tracks are overly long, typically three and a bit minutes. The last track is less than two minutes. Yet into those songs the band squeezes a number of mood changes, weird and wonderful effects, spoken word sections,  and such like, to keep the interest going.

I like the way they have got all the lyrics there on the Bandcamp page. I haven’t noticed that before and wonder if other bands always take the time to include the lyrics. As a singer and lyric writer myself I tend to get frustrated if I can’t make out the words easily.

The band are well represented on the web with a Myspace profile their own official website (already linked to) and a Facebook page (although they currently have the wrong URL for their link to it on their Bandcamp site) and a number of videos on Youtube like the one above


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  1. morton tooley says:

    the new music genre E.P.A.R.

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