Wake Up – new song from Jingo

Just a quick review of “Wake Up” by Jingo

I have written about Jingo before, a while back.

Jack Bucket sent me a little message, just letting me know that they have uploaded a new track to their Soundcloud.

Wake Up (or Wake Up Master Giles when you download it for some reason)

It kicks off pretty soundly with quite an uptempo rhythm the guitar strumming hinting at “Venus” by Shocking Blue (or Bananarama if you are a certain age) and then Kate’s vocals come in.

As a singer I find myself constantly feeling guilty when I focus on the singer, but it is difficult when my ears are tuned in to the vocals. Kate Bucket, has a lovely voice that has a great masculine power without losing the feminine grace (Annie Lennox rather than Grace Jones, Aretha not Nina)

She has; like the lovely Sherrie Tappenden, for one example, or Janis Joplin for another; a distinct timbre that is not textbook and yet is lovely just the same.

Not forgetting the music, of course, which revels in a uptempo shuffle, with a number of rhythm changes and stops, to add a dimensional interest. Nice middle eight with lots of interest.

They’ve added two songs to the Soundcloud since I first checked them out. The other new one is Black Flowers which is also pretty superb. Got a slow moody opening, bit of a grunge feel to it almost.

Five tracks now, half way to a damn fine album.

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