Naomi – Idyllic instrumental band

Melodic and gentle music from Exeter

Joe Robertson, drummer with Naomi, responded to a post on Facebook that I put, asking for bands to play on my radio show. I was especially after Devon bands since it is a North Devon local radio station.

He sent me a link to the bandcamp site for the band and I had a listen and really liked the music.

I’m going to start off with the criticism first though. NO vocals. Yeah obviously it’s an instrumental group, I get it I really do. But still, you just find yourself begging for the singing to start.

Please note well :
I wouldn’t be writing about this band if I didn’t like the music.

It really is very beautiful music, honestly, but it is so very reminiscent of a certain type of TV theme tune. Do you recall a show called Taxi, with Danny DeVito? Never mind here’s the theme tune.

See what I mean?

The music is lovely; creative; full of ideas; evocative, and soothing. Add vocals and it could also be accessible to a wider audience.

Naomi get their name from the guitarist’s girlfriend. As good a place as any, but a quick search of Google will show that there is already a German electronic duo of the same name with a stub article on Wikipedia and a fairly extensive back catalogue.

The other band hogs most of the first page of results, so here is this Naomi’s Facebook Page

Naomi are 

  • Alex Millington-Jung : keyboards
  • Joe Robertson : Drums
  • Sean Mariner : Bass
  • Joe Lewis : Guitar

There is also a Youtube Channel but no sign of a band website yet.

In the absence of songs, the obvious way forward for a band such as this is to get their music chosen for film or TV soundtracks, or commercials. Or indeed, even for a theme tune. Without vocals it is always going to appeal to a relatively select group of music lovers.


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