Littermouth – Alternative art rock from Cornwall

Introducing Littermouth from Bude

I get about 50 spam comments a day on this blog. It isn’t a big problem. The filter catches most of them, and I just have to be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater when emptying the spam folder.

Littermouth_logoSo when I do get a genuine comment like the one from the band Littermouth saying
Littermouth is a newly formed band based in North Cornwall and North-west Devon (around Bude/Holsworthy area).”
and including links to Youtube and Soundcloud, it is a refreshing change.

I am getting loads of new bands to check out at the moment. In fact I’m beginning to fall behind, so hopefully I will hammer out a fair few articles this week. I will definitely want to play a track by this band on my radio show at some point.

Let’s kick off with something for you to listen to.

The first thing I notice, listening to the tracks on Soundcloud while writing this, is that they are not all the same style. It is broadly rock, there is introspective artsy rock on “Sea Is She”, a hint of Eastern influence, which has led to some comparison with Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, on “Bullets In Bed” and then the quite funky  “Every Day Every Way”, which would sit well alongside Resurrection Man, from Boardwalk Isabella.

There are five tracks in all on the Soundcloud page. A good number I think. I don’t like to see seventy songs because it is daunting, and you can’t find out much if a band has only got one song.

Littermouth are

  • Jon Price (lead vocals),
  • Karen James (vocals),
  • Andy Lloyd (drums),
  • Steve Shelton (guitars, bass, keyboards)
  • The band are currently looking for a bass player and keyboard player for live shows. 

They have managed to produce a really good video with a bit of a story and some great live footage. All shot on location in Devon and Cornwall. Obviously it isn’t Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Meatloaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell” but you wouldn’t expect big budget SFX right?

I haven’t found anywhere to buy or download tracks. I would urge the band to get something like a Bandcamp site set up or similar, so that people who want to can get the songs onto their computer or MP3 player. (Update to this – Littermouth have now changed their Soundcloud page so that you can download all their tracks. If you make use of this feature please remember to spread the word about the band to your friends as well.)

Their official website is up and running with a nice clean look, although it is a bit spartan at the moment.  I think they will be developing that as time goes on and they complete their live line up.

There is also a Facebook page and apparently Myspace but it didn’t work for me when I tried to open it.

All in all, I like what I’ve heard so far, and I look forward to them finalising their line up and getting out on the road. No doubt there will be more to write about them in the future.

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4 comments on “Littermouth – Alternative art rock from Cornwall
  1. Warthog says:

    Littermouth are awesome! Have seen them play live previously on some of their practice gigs and they are a force to be reckoned with! Totally recommend them to anyone with a penchant for amazing music and lyrics!

  2. Littermouth says:

    Thank you kindly Mr Warthog. We hope you’ll be able to catch one of a gigs soon.

  3. Littermouth says:

    Firstly – Huge thanks from all of Littermouth to Olli for such a supportive website for local unsigned bands and for writing our first and such a positive review for us, it gave us a real buzz!
    Secondly – we now have a bass player but still on look out for a keyboard player
    Thirdly – We’ve taken note of your comments and we now have a bandcamp mp3 download site
    where our tracks can be downloaded for free.
    Now, with the new added excellent bass player, we are progressing really well with the set and are very exciting about performing live in the near future.
    Big thanks to The Voice radio station, this website & Olli!

    • Kingdon says:

      Brilliant. I am happy to be of some small service.
      Your song got a fair bit of reaction when I played it on the show, so it will probably get another airing soon.

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