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On The House Music is a music review site that focuses on bands offering free music downloads. Whilst I think that musicians should get paid for good music, I am also well aware of some of the benefits of offering free music downloads.

  • Getting your sound “out there” which helps to get more people to gigs
  • Allowing users to chose how much to pay means that inevitably a few will pay the going rate
  • A free download in exchange for a subscription to a mailing list can be worth a LOT more than the price of and album
  • Driving traffic to your site could help earn advertising revenue.

So if you are in a band and you offer at least some of your music as a free (or name your price) download, then it must be worth getting your stuff reviewed here.

If you are a music fan interested in under the radar music then you are bound to find some good stuff here to add to your collection.

Here’s what they say about themselves on the Facebook page

We take bands from across the UK that have free music downloads/pay what you want downloads and do reviews on them in a simple manner, no English-degree level stuff, just one guy post about bands he likes in a way he would describe them to his friends. We post all of our reviews on our blog which has all the links to the downloads for the bands music with the blog. At the moment the blog is still being updated so it has a decent amount of content on there to read about and download, so sit tight and tell your friends about this project. It’s free music and you won’t get arrested for downloading it!

On The House – Free Local Music.

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