Olli’s radio show Sunday 29th Sept 2013

Really just for my benefit

Plans for the show on Sunday 29th September

I’ve got a stack of new (to me at least) bands to play this week.

These are some notes about what I am planning to play.

In no particular order

– Grice is a singer songwriter originally from London, now living in Exeter. “Patiently” is the opening track on his album “Propeller” released on Hungersleep Records.
Grice was responsible for Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass guitar, Tzouras, Kora, EBow, Virtual VincenzoTM (digital harpsichord)
Percussion, Electronic Percussion, Guitar synth, Sequencing
Programming, Piano & Keyboard treatments, Drum loops/Samples
String arrangements Sax & Horn arrangements & Digital editing.
Like a lot of the tracks I have lined up for the show it is quite artsy and laid back, but nonetheless beautiful, and evocative.
It makes me think a little bit of Elvis Costello’s song “Shipbuilding”
Digital Natives
Ilfracombe based art rockers “Digital Natives” are long overdue for some airplay on the show. Having finally got to see them live at the Chill Bar two Saturdays ago, I managed to get some tracks from lead singer, and guitarist, James Bettis (no relation to Phil Bettiss who is the drummer with Ilfracombe based Rated PG). “Kanadia” is the track he suggested I should play so that’s what I will do.  It has a fairly long slow build up intro. Reminds me a little bit of Radiohead in places. They have also been compared to Portishead, and Pink Floyd.
Sunday Skyclub
Exeter based four piece Sunday Skyclub, fronted by Ed and George Goodwin, and completed by Sean Mariner on bass and Andy Farrow on drums, have a slight similarity in places to Owl City but to be honest I prefer their simpler production with less effects being added.
The essence of good songwriting is that you don’t need lots of production and effects to achieve a good end product.  Track one from their debut E.P. is “Lights” The e.p. is called “I Like Songs”
Sam Dowden
Despite ample opportunities to see Sam Dowden live I finally got round to it last Thursday at the Chill Bar. I was immediately taken by the immense quality of his voice. It is soft and warm like a down duvet in a silk cover. It made me think of snuggling up on the sofa in front of an open fire with a hot chocolate with floating marshmallows. I actually found myself WANTING to hear him sing Christmas songs!
He can also sing incredibly high without losing that quality of softness.
I bought the CD which was only a fiver for 13 tracks, and we had a chat about which song I should play. “Lucky Stars” “Fish” and “Silver Skin” were Sam’s suggestions I was tempted to go with track 11, “Good News bad News” but I think I will go with “Silver Skin” track 8. 
There are similarities to “David Gray” “Passenger” “James Blunt” etc. His guitar playing was right up there with some of the best I have seen live.
Sam is launching his new e.p. at The Chill Bar this Friday
Daniel Adam
Daniel, who is based in Barnstaple, is good friends with the guys in Digital Natives and was in fact at the same gig that I was at. His own music bears some comparison with them. Quite artsy and introspective although several of his tracks have been subjected to dance remixes, I am not so keen on them. 
“Veins” which I am going to play is his debut single from October 2012. His debut album is currently being recorded and will be titled “Before The Clouds Come”
Important forthcoming gig Friday 15th November The Old Bus Station
Barnstaple. “Low Tide Theory” “Vampyrouss” “Daniel Adam”
From just outside Bude, Littermouth are currently a four piece alt rock band with some quality original songs already recorded and enough organisation to produce a pretty good video. They are however in need of a bass player and keyboard player before they can get to grips with a full touring schedule. 
The five tracks are quite varied, “Bullets In Bed” is probably the heaviest rock track which is why I am playing it last as it leads in to Ali and Daryls acoustic rock show.
It sort of reminds me a little bit of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir in places, although serious Zeppelin fans might take issue with me there. 

Six excellent tracks from unsigned bands, plus a wide range of music from the sixties to the present day.
You can listen to the show from 15.00 – 18.00 UK time on DAB digital radio in North Devon, or online at www.thevoicefm.co.uk

 Other stuff

This week saw a brilliant piece of social media PR, although in fact there was nothing so cynical as a plan to manipulate Facebook. Just two fairly crazy singer songwriters having a bit of fun.

We’ve played both these artists on The Voice before. Funke and the Two Tone Baby is from Kent, and he came into the studio and did an interview with Colin Slatter before appearing at the Pilton Green Man Festival. Colin played a couple of tracks from his album Battle. Doozer McDooze is from Southend in Essex, and I’ve played a tracks from his “Songs 4 U” album on the show.

The two are good friends having been on the same circuit for a while, and recently at the “Watchet Festival” they swapped promo tee shirts and took pictures of themselves wearing each others’ shirts.

The bet was who would get the most likes for their picture on Facebook, and the stake was; the loser had to do ten star jumps on stage during their set at “Something Else In The Dean” festival, and ALSO they had to present the winner with a piece of cake during the winner’s set.

Neither of them is particularly commercial minded but this was a great idea which sparked of a great deal of interest, including me talking about it on the show.

Music birthdays today

  • Jerry Lee Lewis rock and roll pioneer born 1935
  • Mark Farner singer and guitarist with Grand Funk Railroad 1948
  • Mari Wilson – Singer famous for Just What I always Wanted 1954
  • Matt and Luke Goss – ahem. Were you a Brosette or a Wet Wet Wet fan?
    Did the wets fans have a special name?

Data courtesy of http://www.musicorb.com/birthdays.php

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