Month: October 2013

Forever Atlantis – experimental post hardcore from North Devon

I abandoned this article in favour of starting again if you read it you will understand why but I wouldn’t bother New article is here I fell off a ladder this morning (Wednesday 30th October) and twisted my ankle.  So

Olli’s Radio show Sunday 3rd November 2013

Decided to start this early to avoid being disorganised on the day. I was planning on playing tunes from the new unsigned showcase album “Good To Go – No Dramas” from That Ryan Martin a.k.a. RAMUK69 Unfortunately I couldn’t get

Olli’s radio show Sunday 27th Oct 2013

I didn’t get around to making any notes for the show last Sunday. It was a bit of a frustrating time as I had plans to include some tracks from the new unsigned showcase album “Good To Go – No

RAMUK69 -The Album 2013

That Ryan Martin’s 7th unsigned showcase album An article in the North Devon Journal caught my eye. (I won’t link to it because they have advertising videos that autostart on loading) The article was about a young man (29) named

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Eject Pilot Eject – pop/rock from South Wales

This is another band that came to me via a comment in this blog. I delete hundreds of spam comments every week, with only a handful of genuine comments, so it is really important to me to check out every

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Kalandra Celtic/Norse folk/rock from Liverpool

Introducing Kalandra – six piece folk blending Nordic and Celtic influences Another of two bands that stood out from yesterdays edition of the tagged show on XRP radio. Kalandra is a six-piece folk/rock band based in Liverpool. With members from Norway,

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The Baghdaddies –

World/Ska Middle East/Geordie musical hummus/pease pudding. I heard The Baghdaddies on XRP radio‘s “tagged” show last night. Thought they would be worth checking out. They were. By the way, I get a fair amount of new music via XRP radio, if you

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My Remorse Code – Chicago rockers

Introducing female fronted alt rock band “My Remorse Code” I do love a girlie vocal over frenetic drumming and shredding guitars. Come on, who doesn’t. As long as she doesn’t overdo it and start screaming. Well not too much anyway.

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Lemonhaze – here’s a surprise, it’s a band!

Introducing Lemonhaze and learning something new in the process. When I discover a new band that I like, my first reaction is to Google the name and try to find out more about them so that I can tell you.

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I’m No Chessman – This Medicine e.p.

Introducing I’m No Chessman and “This Medicine” e.p. Alternative/Grunge/Metal ? from Bournemouth Sorry, I am always a teeny bit uncertain and indeed dissatisfied with the whole concept of genres; I think we all are, but it must be accepted that

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