Bombskare – 9 piece explosive Ska -from Scotland

Check out Bombskare, from Edinburgh

Tankus_facebook_drunkHere’s how I discovered this band. One of my biggest favourite bands right now is Tankus The Henge, and the other day I happened to “like” a Facebook post by them, whereupon Facebook decided to suggest other bands that I might like because I like Tankus The Henge. One of them was Duran Duran!
Now with all due respect to Duran Duran, they are not one half as creative as Tankus, and are also nothing like them musically either.

So I took a screen shot and did this photoshop job, which I then posted with the query, what bands ARE like them?

Suggestions for bands like Tankus The Henge

Well now, I have always felt that the closest band to them is a Sheffield based 9 piece ska band called Bison. In fact I would dearly love to see both bands on the same bill, although I don’t know who would headline.

My son made a couple of suggestions, one was a band called “Do Me Bad Things” and the other was this band “Bombskare”

Their official single is “Do All Dogs Go To Heaven

Like Bison, Bombskare are a nine piece ska band, with some brilliant songs. Unlike Bison they don’t appear to stretch the boundaries of the Ska genre so much. (see me eat my words below) Tankus The Henge are also not a straightforward ska band with so many other styles in the melting pot, and a few quite slow numbers. But to give them their due, this band sound like they would take any venue by storm, and leave any audience exhausted from dancing all night.


If somebody in the band would save me the trouble of working out which one is which and leave a comment, that would be great.

Bombskare consists of

  • Andy P: Vox/Harmonica
  • Murray: Vox/Gtr
  • Rev. Scott McC: Gtr/Vox
  • Papa Joe: Bass
  • Dave: Drums
  • Matt: Keys
  • Colin McC: Trumpet
  • Mike: Trombone
  • Calum: Alto Sax

Now as I write this, I come to their masterful cover of the Beatles, “Mean Mr. Mustard – Polythene Pam – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”.  There are a dozen tracks on their Soundcloud page, including four Beatles covers. Of course the fab four wrote great songs that will translate into any genre and still sound good. But this is the first time I have heard ska versions of any of them. Great to hear some tempo changes executed with class. Their version of “Birthday” is even better. I would quite like to do it like this as well.

Their Facebook page shows a string of gigs over the coming months although most are in Scotland or Tyneside. It must be a monumental task to get nine musicians and all their equipment on the road, so I can very well understand why they are not darting all over the country.

Bombskare_stagePerhaps they should consider getting in touch with Bison and setting up a gig exchange. I’m sure Bison would love to pay a couple of supports in Edinburgh in exchange for giving Bombskare a couple of supports in Sheffield. Just a thought.

Having had the opportunity to listen to their tracks several times over, I am coming to realise that this band have a lot more variety in their style than I at first suspected, and indicated earlier in this post. (I left the comment in so you can see how first impressions can be misleading) For example, “A Fistful Of Dynamite” has fabulous musical nods towards spaghetti westerns; the aforementioned Beatles covers are inspired; “Do All Dogs Go To Heaven” slows down deliciously towards the end.

Maybe what this country needs right now is another massive ska revival. The last one was in the eighties so we are overdue one right now, in my opinion.


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One comment on “Bombskare – 9 piece explosive Ska -from Scotland
  1. Bombskare says:

    Thanks very much for your generous comments, they are really appreciated! And a gig swap with Bison sounds like a plan = we’ll get on that!

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