Olli’s Radio Show – Sunday 6th October 2013

Notes for my radio show on The Voice
Sunday 6th October 2013

I’m really just doing this to have something to refer to so I don’t forget what I want to play, say, and talk about.

Gig Guide and Events Guide

If you want to promote your gigs, please add them to the events guide on www.thevoicefm.co.uk Make sure you select the “MUSIC” event type.
This is strictly for gigs in the North Devon and Torridge regions.

Key dates are – This Friday 11th October

  • The Rivals @ The Palladium Bideford
  • Mojo Rex @ Royal George, Appledore
  • Garden Club @ The Red Barn, Woolacombe
  • Tankus The Henge + support @ The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington
    First 100 tickets £7.50, £10 thereafter.
  • The Landmark Folk and Cider Festival @ The Landmark Theatre
    8.30 Small Town Jones
    9.30 Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles *

Saturday 12th

  • Eddie and the Hot Rods @ The Palladium Bideford
  • The Honey Pot @ The Chill Bar
  • The Landmark Folk and Cider Festival @ The Landmark Theatre
    2.00pm Chris Millington
    3.30pm Julian Langer
    4.30pm Helghyer * (pronounced Hell Hear)
    6.00pm Full English
    9.00pm The Oggle Band

Sunday 13th is the last day of the Landmark Cider festival but don’t go because if you do then you will miss my show!

  • The Landmark Folk and Cider Festival @ The Landmark Theatre
    2.00pm Rakes Adrift
    4.00pm Jenna Witts


Birthdays for 6th October

If it’s your birthday today you share it with all these people and more

  • 1942 Millie Small is 71, Jamaican singer  famous for “My Boy Lollipop”
  • 1949 Bobby Farrell is 64, Dutch singer who was famous for being ….. the guy in Boney M!
  • 1951 Kevin Cronin is 62, he was the lead singer with REO Speedwagon
  • 1954 David Hidalgo is 59, lead singer with Los Lobos
  • 1960 Richard Jobson 51, was lead singer with The Skids, remember them? Into The Valley was their biggest single.
  • 1961 Tim Burgess is 52, lead singer with The Charlatans
  • 1982 William Butler is just a child at 31, he’s a member of Arcade Fire

It is also the birthday of one of Morton’s friends today.  Luke.

Credit http://www.musicorb.com/birthdays.php

Local news

Improvements to Roundswell Roundabout

Apparently the council has secured over a million pounds worth of funding for improvements to Roundswell roundabout on the A39.
I just wanted to point out that this is bad news for The Voice, because there are few enough traffic problems to talk about in beautiful North Devon as it is.
That queue from Bideford to Barnstaple was one of the few things for us presenters to look forward to.

Half Price Parking on Sundays in Barnstaple

What do you think? Is it a good idea?
Personally I have taken to parking my car just outside town in a road with no restrictions and walking in to the studio to do the show.
I can’t think of anywhere else in the country that is as strict about Sunday parking as North Devon.

Unsigned bands on the show this week

Tankus The Henge – Cakewalk
Tankus The Henge are one of the most amazing bands live, or on record, around today. They are at The Plough Arts this Friday. Tickets are well worth a tenner. It’s a six piece band; drums, guitar, bass, sax, and trumpet; with the lead singer playing keyboard and accordion, as well as the occasional burst on trombone. The piano is steampunked and smoke pours out of it during the gig. If the circumstances allow there are aslo pyrotechnics. I’ve played Cakewalk before because it is uptempo and easy to get into. Good one to dance to. www.tankusthehenge.com
Helghyer – The Beast of Bodmin Moor
The name is pronounced “Hell Hear” and it means Hunter. Helghyer is Natalie Earl, originally from Kernow, now living in Reading. She’s playing the  Folk and Cider Festival on Saturday at the Landmark Theatre Ilfracombe. Helghyer’s self-released debut EP ‘The Mage, The Wiseman and The Lioness: Part 1’ was released in June this year, and is available via her Bandcamp site  helghyer.bandcamp.com
Chris Millington – Doubloons, Jewels and Ivory
I’ve seen Chris play a few times in Ilfracombe, he seems to be as much a part of North Devon as the rocks and the sea, and the hills, and the fields. His songs are strongly influenced by the landscape and the history of the region. Perhaps none more so that this modern folk classic, inspired by the terrible tragedy of the wreck of The London at Rapparee cove. Hundreds of slaves, chained below decks, were drowned  and much treasure, which  captured from the French, also went down. In fact, the wreck occured on October 9th 1796 so the aniversary is on Wednesday, 217 years.
Scott Xander Linn – Mexican Candles
I’ve just written an article about Scott Xander Lin and the Broken Bottles, who are playing at the Cider festival at The Landmark on Friday evening. Now I am pretty sure that ths track is just Scott, but he is joined by Nathan Layland on bass, and Toby Parker on drums. Nathan was the bass player in my last band Badly Worn Toy for a while and he also plays bass for Ellie Campbell, so he’s a busy chappie. 
This guy has a very husky gravelly voice but I think it works really well with this sort of folk blues country type stuff. 
Tankus The Henge – Recurring Dream
Now, I wouldn’t normally play two songs from the same artist on the show, but Tankus The Henge are so good and because they don’t play North Devon very often I thought I would make an exception. Everyone I’ve played this song to seems to love it. It’s got this great intro with gypsy violins (the horns play it live) and it’s really uptempo.
Morton’s favourite Tankus songs are the slow ones. 
Billy Brown – Running Scared (heavier version)
Billy Brown has been a big supporter of this show from the off. Listening in online at www.thevoicefm.co.uk and sending me traffic and weather information for Hertfordshire. Very helpful Billy thanks.
He is also a big supporter of unsigned bands himself, introducing people to others who might be able to move their career forwards, and recently starting up his own radio show on a very large internet based unsigned only station, with initials that could stand for Xylophone Rock People. But it doesn’t. 

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