Billy Brown – Charity single release

Double “A” side cover of
Junior Murvin’s “Police And Thieves”
due out in November raising money
for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Billy Brown logo

Billy Brown logo

Singer songwriter Billy Brown was in the studio at the weekend to record two versions of the old Reggae classic Police & Thieves. One is an Acoustic version the other is a Reggae/Dub version, and it will be released the end of November as a double A side, and this is for Specialized 2- Beat Teenage Cancer in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.

Billy himself supports unsigned bands continually, as well as promoting his own music which is getting airplay on numerous radio stations around the world. Now he is asking his friends of whom I am one for some serious help, and who am I to refuse.

Billy says via a Facebook post…

Not only will I ask you to put your hands in your pocket for this one (it will hardly be a fortune, a couple of quid/bucks at the most), but I will need everyone I know to spread the word and make it sell as many copies as possible!
I don’t ask much from others as a rule, but in this instance I really need you to help where you can…every person you can get to buy it will be worthwhile.
Every airplay that it gets with links where to buy it, will be worthwhile.
Every bit of PR you can get is worthwhile, every bit of press you can get is worthwhile, and so on and so forth.
If the only thing you ever buy with me on it is this one, then that will be great!
It’s scheduled for release on a download end of November, and if there is a Label that would also be willing to get this out on CD as well that would be fantastic.
If someone can help sponsor it as well in terms of a CD and publicity that would be great too….remember this is an amazing charity that does incredible work, so I will be relying on everyone to help somewhere along the line.Thank you in anticipation, and when we know the exact date of release I will post it…you can rely on that!

So now I have done the first of many things that I know I can do to help.
The next step will be to try and get the song playlisted on the radio station I do my show at, and get in touch with a few other DJ friends.

I wish I got paid for this. Ha ha ha.

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