Kalandra Celtic/Norse folk/rock from Liverpool

Introducing Kalandra – six piece folk
blending Nordic and Celtic influences

Kalandra_1Another of two bands that stood out from yesterdays edition of the tagged show on XRP radio.
Kalandra is a six-piece folk/rock band based in Liverpool. With members from Norway, the Isle of Mann, and the North West of England, they blend Nordic and Celtic influences into a unique and very beautiful modern folk sound.

Vocalist and songwriter Katrine Stenbekk leads the band and her lilting, quirky voice is filled with fragile beauty, like sunlight through icicles.

Here’s one of two tracks from their Soundcloud page, entitled “Summer Rain



Kalandra are

  • Andreas Voie Juliebø – Drums
  • Hamish Gore – Bass
  • Jogeir Mæland – Guitar
  • Florian Winter – Guitar
  • Helen Morrisson – Piano and B.v
  • Katrine Stenbekk – Vocals

I am immediately reminded of the wonderful vocals of Anielka, the Finnish singer songwriter who was a part of my GUBIC competition in 2010.

Kalandra on stage

Kalandra on stage

For anyone who prefers to read more in Norwegian, here is the weblink for that. (Google translation) For alle som foretrekker å lese mer i norsk, her er weblink for det. (Although, I know, almost all Norwegians speak better English than many English people)

Kalandra have a nice looking WIX website, although the URL currently showing on their Soundcloud page does not work (at time of writing) I found the homepage at http://katrinestenbekk.wix.com/band#! although I think it is intended to be the rather neater, http://www.kalandramusic.com/

There is also a Youtube channel with a couple of videos there.
Both different songs from those on Soundcloud. This one is a classy looking “making of” video for their song “Sell Your Voice

The other video is a live recording of their song “Rest Your Soul” and features live footage intercut with footage of the band on tour.  Actually this is a gorgeous song, it has some really divine melodies, and a message that I can relate, personally, to.

I’d like to be able to post links to where you can buy or download tracks but I haven’t found any. Hopefully this will be sorted out sometime fairly soon. I recommend Bandcamp, who have the best deal for bands, and who offer the greatest quality and flexibility for fans.


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