The Baghdaddies –

World/Ska Middle East/Geordie
musical hummus/pease pudding.

Baghdaddies promotional image from their website.

Baghdaddies promotional image from their website.

I heard The Baghdaddies on XRP radio‘s “tagged” show last night.
Thought they would be worth checking out.
They were.

By the way, I get a fair amount of new music via XRP radio, if you haven’t sent your songs to them for airplay then you should.

I’ll start by chucking in an embedded file from their Soundcloud page. There are three tracks here. “Sweet Girl“, “Dongle” and “Keep Ya Feet Still

Nice to be able to find a proper website for this band, and it is a very well made site with all the information at your fingertips, and really easy navigation. On top of that it looks great and conveys the band image very effectively.
There are even professional things like technical rider and stage plan that venues need when booking the band.

Baghdaddies on stage left to right

Baghdaddies on stage
left to right – Ziad Jabero, Paul Ruddick, Martin Douglas, Nigel Kirkpatrick, Paul Susans.

The band are

  • Nigel kirkpatrick     Trumpet, Vocals and Melodica, Flugal Horn
  • Paul Susans           Bass guitar , Vocals, Sousaphone and Double Bass
  • Martin Douglas      Drums, Vocals, Marching Drum and Percussion
  • Paul Ruddick         Saxophone,  Vocals and Flute
  • Ziad Jabero           Guitar, Vocals and Trombone
Baghdaddies will apparently play anywhere.

Baghdaddies will apparently play anywhere.

It is understandable that they have got their act together considering they have been around for nearly twenty years, have toured all over the world, and released five albums.

The sound is, well, easy to describe, and yet at the same time, very very hard.

Try to imagine a bunch of Geordies touring the world, spending time with Romany gypsies in the Balkans, and meeting  a contingent of Bedouin (fresh from rocking the Casbah)  Imagine that on their travels they also played at a Bar mitzvah, picked up Samba from Brazil, Ska and Soca, from the Caribbean, Jazz from New Orleans, and Rāga from India, then brought it all back and forged a coherent music sound from that, and you will have a vague idea.

Baghdaddies Busking Berne

Baghdaddies Busking Berne

Keep Ya Feet Still” sounds like what you might get if The Mighty Gaby spent a year listening to tracks like “When The Boat Comes In” and “Blaydon Races”

Looking at their website, with it’s extraordinary artwork,  and reading through the past gigs, and viewing some of the pictures, one almost expects to hear the words “… played in front of the crown princes of Europe… ” proclaimed loudly by a ringmaster wearing a red tail coat.

If you like Tankus The Henge, then this should be fairly up your street as well; and of course vice versa. Also check out Bison.


I said they have had five albums so I may as well list them for you.
Most are available via the band website.

“Last Tango In Babylon”  January 2nd 1998

  1. Baghdaddies, Last Tango in Babylon - sleeve art

    Baghdaddies, Last Tango in Babylon – sleeve art

    Albanian Ambush

  2. Don Pavaral
  3. Ziggurat
  4. Gypsy waltz
  5. Ferus Mustafov Dance
  6. Cocek
  7. Letter to Godspodine
  8. Mountain nymphs
  9. Mesecine
  10. Underground Chase
  11. Tequila mockingbird (aka Havatequila)

This early release (on Gaz’s Rockin’ Records) features the original Baghdaddies line-up. It was recorded in Shepherds Bush, London on 02/01/1998. Produced by Gaz Mayall. Although sold out on the website it may be available on Amazon

“The Fabulous Sound of Toon Tone”  1st June 200 (sold out)

  1. Sleeve art for The Fabulous Sound of Toon Tone by the Baghdaddies

    The Fabulous Sound of Toon Tone, album sleeve art

    Lumpy l’il Pie

  2. Greek horo
  3. Eflat Drone
  4. Romany
  5. Gabby Marjoss
  6. Sweet Girl
  7. Lambton Worm
  8. Tipsy Cocek
  9. Havatequila

Tracks 1-5 and 9 were recorded live at Glastonbury Festival 2000 and feature NANA OBSCURI on vocals, The other three tracks were recorded and mixed at studios in Newcastle.

Random Acts of Kindness March 2003

  1. Random Acts of Kindness Baghdaddies album sleeve art.

    Random Acts of Kindness
    Baghdaddies album sleeve art.

    Winter Winds

  2. Nice to be Nice
  3. Random Acts of Kindness
  4. Slivovic
  5. Gamaka
  6. 6/8 We’ll be Late
  7. Nude one
  8. You’re So Yes
  9. Ounce Pounce

Recorded at ClaraVale, Tynedale in Feb/March 2003. The CD was presented with the ‘North-East Creative Award for Music’ (2003) and has had extensive radio airplay.

Katchyazafta October 1st 2005

  1. Sleeve art for, Katchyazafta by Baghdaddies

    Sleeve art for, Katchyazafta by Baghdaddies

    Ramirez Theme

  2. We Try
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Ramirez
  5. Not Drowning But Raving
  6. Multibubble
  7. Cwch
  8. Mudfight
  9. Gream Pareli
  10. Sweet girl
  11. Dongle

This album was recorded during October 2005. Leading on from where RAOK left off, the album contains 11 tracks of varied and crazy music.

“Dancylvania” March 29th 2010

  1. Dancylvania by Baghdaddies album sleeve art

    Dancylvania by Baghdaddies album sleeve art


  2. Keep Ya Feet Still
  3. Into the Ether
  4. Sufi’s Beard
  5. Shri
  6. Slow March to China
  7. Pan’s Peephole
  8. Biccy
  9. Why
  10. Flying Dragon
  11. Happy Accident
  12. Ivo


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