Forever Atlantis – experimental post hardcore from North Devon

I abandoned this article in favour of starting again
if you read it you will understand why but I wouldn’t bother

New article is here

I fell off a ladder this morning (Wednesday 30th October) and twisted my ankle.  So now I am stuck in my downstairs lounge in a reclining chair.  I can’t get to my computer, so I have to write this on my smartphone.  Thank goodness for modern technology eh?

Right,  so I need to start writing about some of the bands on this new unsigned compilation album “Good to Go – No Dramas” I can’t do all the fancy stuff like images,  links,  and embedding tracks so I will add those later. Forever Atlantis is a current project of Joe Hicks, along with Jay Matthews, Conal Jefferies, and Lois Wootton.

Joe is also the main man behind two other tracks on the album;  from the bands She Called Shotgun,  and Every Road.

I love the track “Happy in Autumn” from Every Road but apparently this was just a side project,  featuring Joe’s wife on vocals,  that is not currently active.

I am sorry to say it is just proving too difficult to write this on my phone.

Going to publish it anyway and come back to it.

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