Olli’s Radio show Sunday 3rd November 2013

Decided to start this early to avoid being disorganised on the day.

I was planning on playing tunes from the new unsigned showcase album “Good To Go – No Dramas” from That Ryan Martin a.k.a. RAMUK69

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the tunes from my phone onto the database. I’ve sorted out the problem now so all the songs this week will be from that album.

There are 26 tracks on the album from many different genres. I can only play six of them so it is a tricky job of deciding which six to choose.

Julian Langer was in the studio talking with Roy Grimes and playing for Street Live the other week so I think his track “You Don’t See The Dark” will get an airing.

Just Be Patient, by US with Paul Gates on lead vocal is a possibility

“Happy In Autumn” by Every Road is a shoe in at this time of year. ┬áCan’t find much info about them.

I am definitely going to play the cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine by Jax although she has two tracks on the album I just love what she’s done with G’n’R

I probably ought to play a hip-hop track because the album is a broad mix of genres. So, I think I am going to play “All Glutton, Is” by Zoido. I have no idea why it is called that. Zoido also appears on the album as “Wob Wob Wob” which I think is a brilliant name.

I think I will finish off with Stay Awake from Unnamed Heroes. They got in touch last week when I played “Hey Jude” in honour of the hurricane “St Jude” and told me that they have a track called “St Jude”

Right, that is six tracks and, to be perfectly honest, I am not happy.
There are at least six more good (radio friendly) tracks that I could play from this album. So the only solution I can think of is to play some more over the next few weeks.


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