Jax – Top tip for the top

If there was any justice
in the world….

Well we all know there isn’t, but nevertheless, this is a lady who the A&R people ought to be fighting over.

Jackie Gibbins “Jax” is a phenomenal talent, who is just set right for the current climate in music, in my humble opinion. She has a timeless classic vocal purity that will never go out of fashion combined with her musical style,  soulful singer songwriter, which seems to be the only genre outside of pure manufactured pop that is able to make an impact on the charts (at least in the UK)

In particular, I am convinced that this cover of Guns and Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is absolutely begging to be thrust into the big time by a far sighted record exec. This is taken from her Soundcloud profile

Jax has taken this song and genuinely made it her own. Now when you hear judges on X-Factor say that, it seems they mean the singer has added so many extra notes that it is no longer recognisable.
Jax doesn’t do that, she has a sublime economy of style that is never overstated. It doesn’t need to be. Her voice is enough.


promo image from her Reverbnation profile

The fact that she looks fabulous really shouldn’t matter, but we live in the video age and, unfair as it is, people are still more willing to buy music made by beautiful people than short fat blokes with glasses.

I’ve just been doing a little Googling, like you do, and discovered that she is also a part of the band iFunk. (Arts and Entertainment North Devon)

Jax has a Reverbnation profile as well as Soundcloud.
I haven’t located a website, or Youtube channel, and she appears only to have a personal profile on Facebook.
There is also a Myspace with a few sounds on it although Soundcloud appears to have the most with 29 tracks)

There is a broad mix of covers and original material. Typically the covers are a completely different take from the original, for example “Time Of  Your Life” (Green Day) which is a collaboration with another local artist “Roholio” and which they admit they were slightly inebriated at the time, has more in common with Sound Of The Sirens than Billie Joe Armstrong.

Her original songs are just gorgeous, and stand confidently alongside the covers in terms of … well, any measure you care to think of.

If you don’t believe me, here is “Need To Change” also included on the “Good To Go – No Dramas” album.

This young lady could very easily become the next Adele, or Joss Stone, and is surely one of the best contenders for bringing the North Devon music scene, already overflowing with talent, into global focus.

Although of course that probably depends on A&R people bothering to look beyond the M25 and a couple of larger cities to find the talent they so clearly seem blind to.


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