Tradedoubler V Adsense

Oh, just a quick one here.

I implemented Tradedoubler ads for “iTunes”, and also “Gear 4 Music” around about the middle of September. Since that time I have earned the princely sum of ¬£2.30 from click throughs on those programs.

This has to stand comparison with Adsense which has netted several times that amount and it is clear, at least in my specific situation, that Adsense is still the one to beat.

I hasten to add that I am well aware that the visitor numbers to this site are not statistically significant. this domain is currently just in the top four million sites in the world. However I have decided to reduce the advertising from three to two ads, and the second one is now rotating between Adsense and the two Tradedoubler  ones.

I hate to foist ads on you at all but the small amount they bring in makes a genuine difference to how much time I can afford to spend writing new articles. (I am able to convince the wife that this is a form of work)

Oh, by the way, all those moronic spam bots that keep posting about making money from websites (fraudulently) I delete them all. Not that saying it will make any difference. ha ha

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