Billy Brown – Charity Single for Teenage Cancer Trust

Cover of “Police And Thieves”
set for release 25th November

Links to download sites here

Billy Brown logo

Billy Brown logo

Billy Brown, who I have written about before in this blog, is a tireless campaigner for unsigned musicians, and an all round good guy. So it will come as no surprise that he has been working away for a highly regarded charity as well.

The story starts with Wolfman Radio (sound plays on opening the link the stop button is at the bottom left of the page)

wolfman_logoNow you will probably want to know about Wolfman anyway, because it is a 24/7 radio station which focuses on unsigned and non commercial music from across all genres. Wolfman is also the official station for Specialized 2.

Specialized is a project aimed at raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust using the power of music. A festival which took place this weekend (my apologies for not writing about that) and an album of music are part of the project.

Also getting involved indirectly is the aforementioned Billy Brown. When one of Wolfman radio’s presenters did a marathon radio show (36 hours) Billy was a regular guest. Prompted by the presenter he agreed to learn a reggae/ska track to play live on the show. He chose “Police and Thieves“, and having played it, was strongly urged to record it properly for release.
As you can hear on this interview. Obviously the finished version is more polished.

The result is a “double A side” with an acoustic version and a full reggae version that will be available to buy on iTunes from 25th November. All proceeds will be going to the charity so I hope people will dip their hands in their pockets for this one.

He is still open to offers from any record label that might be willing to fund the cost of producing a small run of hard CDs for this release, but otherwise it will be a digital download only.

 Meanwhile, here is another interview with Billy on Wolfman radio and his live acoustic version of Monkey Man.

Links to download sites here


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