Scott Xander Linn – New official video release

Official video for “Six Feet Under The Bar”

Scott Xander Linn, & The Broken Bottles, released this official video for their song “Six Feet Under The Bar” yesterday (12th November)

I am strongly reminded of Bob Dylan, The Levellers, and The Pogues when I listen to this song.

The video features various B&W and colour scenes of Scott in a bar, quite often Scott is on screen twice while there is little evidence of the rest of the “Broken Bottles”, although Nathan does make a brief appearance taking a pool shot, and Toby can be seen chatting nonchalantly for a second or two.

It’s a cool video, but I do like to see a band presented as a band if a t all possible. Just a thought for the next video, perhaps. I suppose it is possible that they just didn’t want to be featured heavily?

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