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Yazzy_1I wrote about Yazzy Chamberlain previously, although not in much detail. I observed the interesting fact that here in North Devon we have at least two child prodigies (Kiera Osment being the other) both 14 year old girls, both having been writing since they were 11, both accomplished in piano and guitar (Yazzy also takes on violin) and both having a tendency to produce melancholy and thoughtful songs with a marked lack of anything really upbeat or dancy.

Yazzy has sent me her current album/e.p. “3 Kisses” which consists of five amazingly beautiful tracks and my only gripe is the fact that they are all slow and downbeat.

Yazzy_CDJust like Kiera, I would love to hear her playing and singing something that gets your toes tapping and puts a smile on your face.

Setting that aside there are five tracks here

  1. Fire Of Love
  2. Your Love
  3. Butterflies
  4. 3 Kisses
  5. Believe

She has already had fairly regular airplay on Roy Grimes’ show on The Voice, as well as lesser radio stations like the BBC. And I had the pleasure of playing the title track “3 Kisses” on my show last Sunday.

Here, for your listening pleasure, is the title track from her Soundcloud page

As you can hear for yourself she has a lovely tone and can hit incredibly high notes with intense purity.  

Last time I wrote about her I failed to find her social media sites. This time I have.

Her Facebook page  provides a link to where you can buy her e.p. paying via Paypal. 
I would like to see her develop a bandcamp page though, which will be a much more user friendly environment for fans to buy her music. However, meanwhile I include the link here in case you want to get a copy yourself.


Yazzy can also be found on Soundcloud of course, already linked to, where there are five tracks available to stream. Two covers and three originals; of these two are on the “3 Kisses” album.
Yazzy’s Reverbnation profile has “Always” which is also on Soundcloud.

I have recently been trying to get to grips with Twitter, and although I still don’t much like it, I know that some people think it is the best social media site of all, so here is the link to Yazzy on Twitter.




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