Christmas songs (a short list)

Not as many as I would like to tell you about

You know how it is, even before December comes you are sick to death of Aled Jones, Jonah Lewie, and Slade. Even The Pogues, and The Waitresses wear a bit thin by the 25th.  So here are a handful of songs for the season from unsigned and under the radar bands.

As a matter of fact, I confess to being a teeny bit disappointed.
Despite asking on Facebook for any suggestions of new unsigned Christmas music that I might enjoy, I got very little response.
Nevertheless here is a small list of songs that you won’t hear on mainstream radio, many of which are very commercial indeed.

If you know of others, PLEASE link them in a comment.

First out of the stocking HAS to be, The Reasoning 

It’s Christmas (Sing Out Loud)” is just about as Christmassy as any song could possibly be. Complete with sleigh-bells, tinkly bells, ding dong bells, a thumping jumping beat, and cheery lyrics, it couldn’t be any more festive if Roy Wood and Noddy Holder came round your house with a case of Baileys.

What saves it from being a run of the mill saccharine-fest is Rachel Cohen’s lovely distinctive voice, and some decent instrumentation; shredding guitar solo, and Wakeman-esque keyboard runs.

It is offered as a single with an acoustic version as well as the full on band version. Well worth a punt to make a change from the usual fare.

It’s Christmas by The Midnight Toys

The Midnight Toys are (or were) a pop punk band from North Devon who released a song called “It’s Christmas” in 2009 which featured on the RAMUK69 album Crimbo 2010.

You can buy this from Amazon by clicking the link in the sleeve art, or you can download the entire CRIMBO 2010 album from here.
Although there are 39 tracks on the album and not all of them are Christmas songs it is well worth having particularly since it is free.

The song is a classic piece of pop punk along the lines of Blink 182, Green Day, Bowling For Soup, etc, with plenty of Christmassy elements and a chorus you can let rip to.

But it has the advantage over other songs of it’s kind that you probably haven’t heard it a million times before.

Wintersong by Jim Jones

Another one from the CRIMBO 2010 album is Wintersong by Jim Jones. Jim Jones is now (as far as I have managed to work out) known as Small Town Jones and is also based in North Devon.

This is a really lovely piece of music with a wintry feel that sits well as a Christmas song but is still relevant in January.

Right. There are three to be going on with.

For more unsigned Christmas music click here


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