More unsigned Christmas music

OK, got some more for yah.

Here’s a couple of unsigned artists with very different takes on the Christmas theme.  The first is happy party time in a ska stylee. The second is melancholy, and dark, in a wonderful way.

New Groove


I was just told about this one by Ian Skeg Seymour, who is a massive supporter of unsigned bands.

He tells me they are an amazing, upbeat, ska band.
One for me to check out in future no doubt. Meanwhile this is a pretty cool piece of Christmas music for all to enjoy.

Hannah and the Gent The Christmas e.p. 2013

I’ve written at length about the wonderful “Sound of the Sirens” and here is a four track e.p. from an artist going by the name of “Hannah and the Gent” which is a duo featuring Hannah Wood of S.O.T.S. and Tony Lock (who is new to me) Tony is apparently connected with something called One Umbrella Music, which looks very much like something I should check out at a later date.

I love this but I warn you, most of the tracks on this e.p. are quite dark and twisted.
Jingle Bells” is as far from the cheerful sleigh ride song from which it is largely derived as it could be.
Just Isn’t Christmas” has all the sentiment of Kirsty MacColl and The Pogues but without the rousing uptempo ribaldry.
The harmonies are deliberately off kilter, and are the perfect antidote to an overdose of overenthusiastic cheerfulness caused by excessive Cliff Richard, and Bing Crosby. Only “Join Hands and Sing for Christmas

However, I do know of at least one Christmas song that is even darker, and more twisted than any of these.
If I can find it to embed for you I will do so, but I am not sure it is out there.

OK, I have found it. If you are feeling brave ….
it’s here for you.


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2 comments on “More unsigned Christmas music
  1. Tony Lock says:

    Hi – this is the ‘Gent’ – thanks for the kind review! We had a lot of fun doing Jingle Bells (it was on a hot June day we started work on it!!) and the idea to make it dark and minor-y came when we heard how nasty the lyrics actually are. It seemed only right to show the song’s true colours!

    Glad you liked it!


    • Kingdon says:

      Ooh, this sounds like a bit of an education coming my way.
      I had no idea the original lyrics were nasty.
      So I must listen again and do some more research.

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