Bringing back the Christmas cheer

No Substitute by Destination

There’s no substitute for a bit of festive cheer, and this offering from international duo “Destination” is upbeat and effervescent. It really is the other end of the spectrum from the last two I wrote about on here.

Destination make no bones about their love of eighties synth pop, and the Erasure influences are, as always, strong.

With Erasure having put out a Christmas album this year, “Snow Globe” it is great to find that Destination also have a seasonal offering. Here it is from their Soundcloud site. And lucky you, it is available for free download.

Personally I prefer the lovely soft sweet tinkling tones of Bridget Kyle Gray’s to that of Andy Bell, and it will give me pleasure to play this track on my show this Sunday, especially if the Erasure single is also playlisted. I can put them back to back.

Small confession to make. I’m always willing to admit to being silly.
Despite being told it was a Christmas song I missed the specific Christmas reference in the lyrics the first couple of times I listened. I blame this on the fact that so often I have to listen with the speakers turned right down to avoid disturbing other people. My kids keep breaking my headphones.

So what I would like for Christmas is some new headphones, or my kids to be apprenticed to a chimney sweep.

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