More anti-Christmas music

Official Video – Ben Tallamy

Christmas Is A Sham (Elegy For Aled Jones)

With happy, happy lines like

“I will now drink myself into the joy of an alcoholic coma,
the Great Escape is on TV,
Oh my Lord we’re just Oh so very happy,
Thank you for Christmas,
We are going to celebrate,
by spending money that we don’t have on things that we don’t need.”

And then from all that cheerfulness, it descends to melancholy mood when it reveals the fact that
Aled Jones did not sing on the snowman,
he just sang it on the album”

“And if this is a lie then what else is a lie?”

and the brilliant observation, 
“Aled Jones thou art a liar, you believe in God and yet you lied!

Alright, this is never going to be an all time Christmas classic, but it made me chuckle and it does deal with a very important aspect of Christmas. Peter Auty’s original version of “Walking In The Air” is vastly superior to Aled Jones’ rather feeble cover version.
And anyone who disagrees knows nothing about singing.

Fancy listening to something a bit more cheerful?
A bit of festive synth pop from Erasure CLICK HERE


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