Kevin Casey from Dublin Eire

Rock singer songwriter
Kevin Casey
from Dublin Ireland

As stated in an earlier article on this blog, I love to get real comments from real people. Kevin Casey wrote a short comment as follows.

Hi there
How are you?
Do you accept demos from Irish rock bands?
Thank you

A sensible first comment as it is unlikely to get chucked out by the spam filter. However a link to your website is always permissible in the URL field. Makes it easier to find your tunes and decide if I want to write about you.

Nevertheless I did a search of Kevin’s email address and very quickly found his musician Facebook page. From there I have also found his Reverbnation profile which means I can embed some music.

By now, any regular readers will be well aware that I wouldn’t have written this much if I didn’t think the music was good.


 Now, he does list Oasis, Noel Gallagher, and Beady Eye, among his influences as but I’m not going to hold that against him because he also mentions Bruce Springsteen, Madness, The Pogues, Aslan, Beatles, Garth Brooks, Crowded House, Bon Jovi, Thin Lizzy. (I am curious about Aslan. Is there a band of that name, or is he a big fan of a fictional lion?)

The third song on the playlist, “I’ll Be Back Someday”, is available for a free download and does remind me strongly of something that a Gallagher might have done.

Sometimes I worry that I might be unaware that a particular song is actually a cover. After all I can’t know every song ever written. I have found Kevin’s Soundcloud profile as well, where he has another 8 tracks including a cover of “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band” (not a bad version by any means) which he helpfully annotates as a “cover” but then the next track is “Make You Feel My Love” the Bob Dylan number that is perhaps best known for Adele’s 2008 cover. So I am still not sure about  “I’ll Be Back Someday”
After extensive Googling of the lyrics and various other terms I think it is all Kevin’s own work.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter.  Mr Casey has a wealth of varied and excellent music that ranges in style from slow moody acoustic to jumping alt pop with a detour via full on rock, and he appears to do this single handed. Like so many underground musicians currently he is achieving a full band sound with one man.

I would be interested to know how he gts around the problems of getting that full sound live. Does he do what the likes of Sam Dowden, Buffalo ink and Funke and the Two Tone Baby, do and harness technology? Or does he engage musicians for the tour like Phil Lively Masters of Canyon Ryde, or James Hughes of Boardwalk Isabella for example?

Or does he simply strip it bare for the live stuff?

One of the fun things about writing articles like this without necessarily knowing everything about the artist, is the prospect of them reading it and laughing at my ignorance before filling in the blanks.

This blog is as much a learning process for me as it ever is for any of my readers. I am forced to spend a lot of time listening to new music and trying to learn about the people who make it, which means when people say “have you heard of [insert obscure band name here]” I can increasingly say “yes, that name rings a bell

Right, sorry about this, but I am going to publish now, even though I am not happy that this article is finished. My daughter is hassling me to play Moshi Monsters and I can’t hold her off forever.

Maybe I’ll come back and edit this a bit later.






3 comments on “Kevin Casey from Dublin Eire
  1. Kevin Casey says:

    Hi there

    How are you? I read the article you published and I just wanted to thank you and also shed some light on “I’ll be back someday”. It is in fact my own song. It is a song I released to test the water as a solo artist after parting from a band I fronted for 11 years. However the lyrics of the song are nothing to do with my departure from the band.

    I really enjoyed reading the blog and I really appreciate the research you did.I would also be open to talk to more if you needed any more info about me.

    Once again a big thank you and also best wishes this Christmas


    • Kingdon says:

      Hi Kevin,
      It’s a pleasure to write about you and to dig around your online presence finding out stuff to write.
      I’d welcome additional info and especially any updates, new releases, etc.

      • Kevin Casey says:


        Happy new year. Great, tnx. Well basically 2014 is the year where I’m really trying to get down to business . Late in December I released “one mans war” which is the first track off my upcoming album.

        It is one of the more subtle songs from an otherwise aggressive album of songs addressing the corruption of the political and banking system here in Ireland as well as the suffering of ordinary people.

        So this year is hopefully going to be a good year for my music I have a lot of faith in these songs and I hope they are received well.

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