New Comments from real bands

Getting real feedback is the best thing

Aah, it is such a thrill to open up my pending comments folder and discover that there are no less than FOUR genuine comments from real people today. True, I had to send a further sixteen comments about moody* designer labels to the spam folder.

* For any Anon-English readers, “moody” is a slang term meaning fake in the context of designer label products.

200 spam comments

Yep, I had to empty the spam folder without even bothering to go through it. Over 200 spam comments today. I haven’t checked it since the day before yesterday! It is ridiculous. Some of them are over a thousand random words with dozens of links. By this site is kept clean of all that crap and always will be.  You will only find links to sites that I personally approve of (except for the advertising, I can’t vouch for what Google decides to show you, sorry)

So who is the feedback from?

Ok, so the reward for being a real person with a real band is I am definitely going to link to your website and will almost certainly get round to writing about you at some point.

First off is a query from Kevin Casey, asking if I accept demos from Irish Rock bands. Well absolutely yes. I don’t care where in the world a band comes from. if I like the music I will try to review it.

He didn’t include a link to his website but I am such a web-stalker, I already found his Facebook page. Haven’t even checked it out myself but here’s a link to it .

Next we have a message from friends of Hysterical Injury which is brilliant, because I’ve never even heard of them.  Alright, I think I sort of have, but the connection is a bit loose. Wes White is a big supporter of unsigned bands in Glastonbury. He set up the “Storm The Charts” campaign in 2010. He was talking about contacts for bands on Facebook and lots of people were posting about the subject, so I added a link to this blog. Hey presto, I get a request to check out a band called Nasty Little Lonely fantastic name for a band. I will check them out later.

Third comment comes from Catrine, who tells me she is one half of Starseedz who are from north of London. I don’t have a clue where they came across this blog, but I am glad they did. None of my friends have liked their Facebook page … yet, although they are from the same approximate area as Billy Brown, who is a huge supporter of unsigned bands.

Last but not least today, Dirt Wizard, and its a wonder that Zak’s post passed through the spam filter with some many links.  However, I love the fact that I don’t have to search high and low for their Facebook, Bandcamp, and Youtube profiles. It will make checking them out all the easier.

Comments welcome

All genuine comments from real people are welcome. At the risk of sounding like a comment whore, I don’t mind if you wish to criticise or complain, so long as it is a genuine opinion about something relevant you are welcome to have your two penn’th.

Just don’t bother linking to sites that are unrelated to grass roots music, or going too far off topic as those posts will end up being removed.



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4 comments on “New Comments from real bands
  1. Billy Brown says:

    I am deeply disappointed not to be recognised as one of the feedbackers…I find your comments Billy Brownist and will be taking this up with my Legal advisors

    • Kingdon says:

      Ha ha ha, Billy you do make me laugh you daft twit.
      Billy Brown is brilliant folks. Yes.
      Check him out at WWW DOT ya-da-ya-da SLASH billybrownsongs on every platform there is, except Reverbnation (he hates them).
      Also pester him to play your tunes on his “loud llama show” every Wednesday on XRP Radio.

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