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Thanks from Lemonrock editor

I’ve been doing stuff in the music business for a long time now. Singing in covers bands, originals, and a Led Zeppelin tribute, trying to support unsigned bands and even sometimes acting as a promoter.

In all that time I have used Lemonrock quite a bit, although I currently only have a personal account there.  I have watched it grow and develop, even sometimes incorporating suggestions that I have made to improve the site.

Not long ago I wrote about Lemonrock suggesting that it was probably one of the best ways of having a band website if you are not really much good at web design. I won’t repeat it all here, here’s the article.

Anyway, long story short. Mac MacLaren who is the founder and head of Lemonrock, discovered my article, presumably while vanity Googling (we all do it*) and wrote to say thanks, and that he has added a forum post on Lemonrock, about it.
It is genuinely flattering to be noticed by the head of a website which is in the top 500,000 worldwide.

*A friend recently thanked me for an article I had written about his band (Honey Jacks). I hadn’t told him directly, but he had also found it after randomly typing his name into Google and seeing what came up

Well in the new year, my new band is going to be very active indeed on Lemonrock as we already have 35 confirmed gigs, and no doubt we will be seeking a lot more to go with them. Onwards and upwards. 

Mildly interesting anecdote about Lemonrock

When my band “Led Zep Too” was asked to play the grand opening of the NEW Marquee Club (in Charing Cross Road as it was this time round) I was trying to list the gig on Lemonrock, as I used to do for all our gigs at that time.

The venue, of course did not have a listing so I created one and was then frustrated because it required a land-line for the listing (a good policy but the venue was not yet open so it didn’t have one) in desperation I gave my own phone number. We played the gig and weeks later the venue closed down again, a victim of inexperienced management.

I forgot all about it but then, about a year later, I got a call at home from Anne Leighton of Leighton Media in New York, asking if she could book her act “Jann Klose” for a gig at the Marquee.

I felt a bit guilty and so I made a big effort to suggest a list of possible venues where he might be able to get a gig. I know I wasn’t all that much help but the connection I made with Anne has lasted for years now, with her being a huge help with my 2010 band campaign.


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