Excellent Fairytale Of New York cover

Scott Xander Linn
& the Broken Bottles
with Jax and Jay Pratt,
Fairytale Of New York Cover

Scott Xander Linn and friends have produced this video of their cover of Fairytale Of New York, arguably the best Christmas song ever, or at least the one which never really gets boring after a month of hearing it on heavy rotation.

Scott’s rascally vocal is perfect in the Shane McGowan role and Jax has the smooth yet confident tones that do the late, great Kirsty MacColl proud.

You can download the whole thing free from the following link

Two more covers of the same song
Also from North Devon artists

Strangely there have been two further covers of the same song this year.

Julian Langer

The first of these is from Julian Langer who I have already written about, recently. Here it is from his Soundcloud page.

This is also available for free download as Julian’s little Christmas gift to you. Actually he doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

Ebony Grace

Ebony is a new artist to me, I first heard of her when she came in to the Voice studios for a Street Live session with Roy Grimes on 19th December.

Actually I wasn’t tuned in at the time so I first knew when I saw a post on Facebook a bit later. Luckily the Street Live sessions are available as a podcast so I can give you the link http://www.thevoicefm.co.uk/index.php/listenagain/street-live-blog and also embed the Soundcloud file of the whole interview.

So how about that? Three covers of Fairytale of New York from North Devon artists in the same year.


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