Month: January 2014

Olli’s Radio show

Olli on the radio Sun 26th Jan 2014 Last week I wasn’t very well prepared because once again I didn’t do one of these articles about the show. Writing it all down helps me to plan and focus and having

Saint Of Sin – Live Review

Saints of Sin Hair metal Chill Bar Ilfracombe Sat 18th Jan 2014 We interrupt this ongoing track-by-track review of XRP radio album to bring you news of an incredibly good young hair metal band from Southampton. From a chance text

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Apologies for so few posts

Been very busy Sorry to anyone (is there anyone) who is a regular reader of this blog. I have a ton of articles lined up to write mostly about XRP radio’s Journey Through Genres album tracks. But for most of

Vulpes by Podracer

Track 5 on “Journey Through The Genres” XRP Radio’s 61 track sampler album See tracklisting here Buy Journey Through The Genres on Bandcamp. Stand out track Vulpes by Podracer is a huge stand out track for me on an album

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Olli’s Radio Show Sunday 12th Jan 2014

Olli On The Radio 12-01-2014 The Voice of North Devon 3.00 – 6.00 pm Oline and on DAB Another Sunday has come round and once again I don’t feel prepared. Writing these articles about what I plan to do helps me

Spidey – Over The Cliff – review

Track 4 from XRP Radio Journey Through The Genres Spidey are an Alt Garage LoFi Punk band playing original loud dirty pretty songs; according to their Facebok Page They consist of Selina B  -Vocals & Guitars Michael – Bass Major Ron

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A test of my SEO skills

Getting my new band website ranked Calling our new covers band “The Buzz” was always going to create a challenge, getting it to the front page of Google. Well I like a challenge so I have already got stuck in. Read

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Swampstomper – Dirty Black Boots

Track 1 on Journey Through The Genres from XRP radio See tracklisting here I’ve been meaning to “introduce” Swampstomper for a while now and just haven’t got round to it. So here is a toe in the water with this

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Loud Music makes people drink more booze

Tell the landlord Booking a gig? Don’t forget to remind them that it is a scientifically proven fact that loud music gets people to drink more beer. When I was in Led Zep Too, we played a regular gig on

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Promoting yourself online – cross linking

I can’t stress this enough link to ALL your sites from all your sites Come on folks, this is so basic. If you are in a band, make sure every single one of your sites has links to every other.