Yazzy hopes to open Godney Gathering

Fourteen year old musical
prodigy needs your vote

The multi-talented, multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter, Yazzy, who I wrote about previously, is in with a chance of winning this prestigious opportunity to open up the main stage at the Godney Gathering in Glastonbury.

With 50 acts across 10 stages this is a big occasion for any unsigned artist. Over 50 unsigned artists are on the poll to vote for but Yazzy is one of three who are way out in front. However she does need some more votes to pull back into the lead she held earlier.

I know that not all my readers are from North Devon; far from it, but I would hope that one or two of them might consider getting behind an artist who at the tender age of fourteen is already adept on guitar, violin, and piano, as well as having excellent vocals, and writing many original songs that deserve an airing.

Here’s the link for the Facebook group which you have to join to vote in the poll. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheGodneyGatheringGlastonbury/

Hopefully that is not too great a hardship.

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