XRP Radio releases huge sampler compilation

Journey Through The Genres
61 Track sampler Album
for just £7 on Bandcamp

XRP radio is one of my favourite unsigned radio stations. Not just because they became symbiotic with GUBIC right from the start, but also because they maintain, to this day, a devil may care attitude to slick professionalism.

While almost every radio station you can name tries hard to conform to certain accepted norms, XRP still plays absolutely any genre of music and allows presenters almost unfettered freedom in putting their shows together.

The result is,  sometimes, a shambolic mess interspersed with a variety of music that you just will not get anywhere else. I have been introduced to bands I would never have heard anywhere else, and whiles some of them I would not give tuppence for, others jostle with Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix on my audio player favourites.

This album, which is available from Bandcamp for the very reasonable price of £7 represents that variety and quality in spades offering tracks of excellent quality from as many genres as possible.

Normally you might hope to find this sort of thing offered for a name your own price deal, but there is a very good reason why this is not completely free.

Bear in mind that you get 61 full length high quality tracks for £7 which works out at 11.47p per track.

XRP radio has a pretty hefty bill for server time and doesn’t recoup that from advertising. They don’t really have any advertising despite having a respectable listenership, it is spread out around the world so is no use to local businesses, and not really large enough to interest Coca-Cola for example. So some of the money will offset server costs.

The majority of the profits made will however go towards future releases and if a certain threshold is reached then there will be enough to distribute among all the bands that have contributed tracks.

All in all, I think this is going to be one of the most important releases of 2014 and will certainly keep me busy on this blog.

Please buy a copy and help support XRP radio as much as they have supported unsigned music for the last three years and will continue to do so well into the future.

Full Track Listing Here





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