Promoting yourself online – cross linking

I can’t stress this enough
link to ALL your sites
from all your sites

Come on folks, this is so basic. If you are in a band, make sure every single one of your sites has links to every other.

  • Facebook allows unlimited URLs in the “About” section
  • Twitter is a bit limited so use it to link to your most important site
  • Youtube has no limits
  • Soundcloud and Reverbnation actively encourage you to link to common social media platforms and your own website
  • WEBSITE – You should have your own website. Stick links to all your other platforms in the header and or footer of every page
  • Lemonrock allows you to provide at least one external link
  • Myspace – I haven’t used Myspace for years but I can’t believe it doesn’t let you provide external links.

If you have any other sites and you can’t add your cross links then you should probably dump it and stop wasting your time.

Please do this, not only for me because when I write about a band I want to be able to find your stuff, but also for yourselves because every in link increases the chances of people finding you sites when they search on Google.

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