Swampstomper – Dirty Black Boots

Track 1 on
Journey Through The Genres
from XRP radio

I’ve been meaning to “introduce” Swampstomper for a while now and just haven’t got round to it.

So here is a toe in the water with this track which is also available from the band’s Bandcamp for 60p or the whole six track album for £2

However I would recommend you buy the XRP radio album which has 61 tracks for £7 as you get a great introduction to a whole host of different bands, including plenty of heavy ones.

“Dirty Black Boots” is a superb first track to any album having as it does a motorcycle followed by footsteps before the riff kicks in. It’s like Club Tropicana for real men.

The song itself is fairly straightforward riff driven hard rock that would sound at home alongside Judas Priest, or Alice Cooper for example.

From their Facebook page I find that Swampstomper are

  • Paul Brightman on vocals & guitar
  • Jason Spencer on lead guitar
  • Kevin Hutchins on bass
  • Drew Gilby on Drums

There is a Wix website at http://www.swampstomper.co.uk though I am not a fan of Wix it is better than not having a website at all.

They also have a Reverbnation profile in case you like that platform. There doesn’t seem to be a Twitter account or Soundcloud for the band. (I’m getting into Twitter lately after much influence from respected friends)

You could be forgiven for expecting Swampstomper to be from the USA, but they are actually from around Chatham in Kent.


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