A test of my SEO skills

Getting my new band website ranked

Calling our new covers band “The Buzz” was always going to create a challenge, getting it to the front page of Google.

Well I like a challenge so I have already got stuck in. Read on to see what I have done so far. It will take a week or so for any of this to have any effect.

Of course when I Google anything the search engine will bias results based on my previous browsing so it will probably come up higher for me than others, so I won’t be too satisfied until I can get the band close to the top result.

Defining success

The main search terms that are important to me are

  • The Buzz
  • The Buzz band
  • The Buzz Devon
  • Covers band Devon
  • Rock covers band

I expect there are some others but that’s a good start.

The main sites I want to see near the top are 

Later on, if we get any usable video we might have Youtube and I am expecting our bass players to set up a Lemonrock profile since he had one before with his old band.

Getting working links to your most important websites is one way of improving search engine rankings. It is vastly better however for those links to come from big sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc; than from dodgy little link farm sites which can actually reduce your site’s credibility for crawlers.

So what are the top sites in the world?

The top 25 sites worldwide are as follows. Many of them will be familiar to you, and quite a few allow you to create a band profile and link to your website on them.

  1. google.com
  2. facebook.com
  3. youtube.com
  4. yahoo.com
  5. baidu.com
  6. wikipedia.org
  7. qq.com
  8. taobao.com
  9. amazon.com
  10. live.com
  11. sina.com.cn
  12. twitter.com
  13. hao123.com
  14. Baidu
  15. 163.com
  16. blogspot.com
  17. google.co.in
  18. linkedin.com
  19. weibo.com
  20. tmall.com
  21. ebay.com
  22. wordpress.com
  23. 360.cn
  24. yandex.ru
  25. yahoo.co.jp
  26. bing.com

List from http://www.alexa.com/topsites

Progress report

So far, I have created a website for the band, riding piggy back on www.gubic.co.uk this is not the ideal circumstance but I am not really willing to spend money on a proper URL for this at the moment. It does have one advantage in that GUBIC is already in the top five million sites and is indexed by Google. The very next time the robots crawl the site they will pick up the new links and the page will be indexed.

Main social media sites set up

Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and Myspace are up and running. All of them have the URL extension /bandthebuzz  The Buzz is not just the name of a number of other bands, but it is also a TV programme, and various other things besides so all the best ones are long taken.  Keeping a consistent filename makes it easier for fans who cross platforms.

All these sites have links to all the other sites. Unless there is another very good reason for having a social media site then I wouldn’t bother with more than FB and Twit. But the others that allow me to cross link all my sites are worth setting up. On RN and MS I have added a note telling potential fans that the profiles are not regularly maintained or checked and telling them to go to Facebook or the website.

Band Listing Sites

I have also added The Buzz details to one or two band listing sites, band-me-up and Band Directory. There are others that I will probably add in time.

What’s Next?

I don’t have to submit my site to search engines. Providing the site is linked to from an already indexed site then it WILL be found. Don’t waste your time with site submission tools, you don’t need them

I do need to add links to some other important and influential sites as well though.

www.dmoz.org is a human maintained website catalogue indexed by strict categories. Many search engines rely on it because of it’s no nonsense unbiased listing policies. You should ONLY submit your main website to DMOZ. 
Google +
Lots of people have a google+ profile that they don’t use. I mostly only use mine to add links to my websites.
Obviously it makes more sense when we have some video to upload to YouTube but it might be worth getting the band profile set up anyway just so that it is ready, and I can then add a link back to my sites.
I believe that it might be worth setting up a Yahoo Group, again if only to facilitate adding another backlink. yahoo.com is the fourth biggest website on the planet. 
Well we haven’t achieved sufficient notoriety to be included on Wikipedia, and sites like Amazon and Ebay don’t let you add back links. I see little point in listing on Chinese or Russian sites, no matter how huge they are.
However, getting back links from wordpress.com and blogspot is simply a case of finding relevant blogs that use those platforms and posting relevant and interesting comments that pertain to the post, and adding just ONE URL. (This should ensure it goes past the spam filter and gets approved)

If you want to see if this has worked, check the date (this article published 8th Jan 2014) and do a search for “The Buzz band Devon” on Google and see if it comes up.

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