Spidey – Over The Cliff – review

Track 4 from XRP Radio
Journey Through The Genres

Spidey are an Alt Garage LoFi Punk band playing original loud dirty pretty songs; according to their Facebok Page

They consist of

  • Selina B  -Vocals & Guitars
  • Michael – Bass
  • Major Ron – Drums

I will be trying to review and share all the tracks on the “Journey Through The Genres” album. As such I am bound to break my rule of only reviewing music that I like. I am making this exception because it is XRP radio, and the deal with them is that everything has merit, even if it isn’t to one’s own personal taste.  You can buy the entire album from Bandcamp here – 61 tracks for £7 which is just over 11p per track.

The lo-fi approach is not really to my personal taste. It is very much a matter of personal opinion, as previously stated, and this is good of its kind. There is a raw simple quality. The riffs and rhythms  are straightforward and unassuming.  This is music for crowdsurfing; for jumping around and crashing into people to. It doesn’t have a broad “family” appeal but to those who it is aimed at, it hits the spot.

If you like this then you can find more of their tracks on their Bandcamp.

Spidey are from Melbourne, Australia. You can keep in touch with them via Twitter and, of course, there is their Facebook Page.


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