Vulpes by Podracer

Track 5 on “Journey Through The Genres”
XRP Radio’s 61 track sampler album

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Stand out track

Vulpes by Podracer is a huge stand out track for me on an album which is inevitably taking a long time to digest properly. So many tracks, that it takes several hours to listen to it all through once, and how can you judge any music satisfactorily on first listening?

Vulpes kicks of at full speed, with a very catchy “tick tick tick tick tick BOOM” refrain and lyrics like “all around the world the majority scream shout and holler, while good folk die to keep a barrel of oil under a hundred dollar-s

podracerThe sentiments in the song are very much in keeping with my own feelings, and fall into line with the likes of Green Day, and RATM, who this band resemble briefly in different parts of the song. They also put me in mind of Djevara, who also have similarities to RATM, among others.

This song seriously strains to get out of the speakers and grab you by the throat until you swear that you care about the thinning ozone layer, and rising sea levels more than the self created imaginary threat of international terrorism. And I do. I did before and it is nice to hear a supporting voice from this band.

podracerParkingCarsEach time I listen to them I have to check and re-check where they are from. Is it OC California, is it Desmoines Iowa;  New Jersey;  New York?
Nope, they are from Dundalk, Ireland.

The pace is frenetic, you can certainly dance to this … well jump around like a lunatic at any rate. And, for old farts like me there is a really quiet slow bit in the middle (to get my breath back) with a subtle build up, taking it back to full on mosh pit tempo and volumes before a brilliant, absolutely BRILLIANT finish that is SO radio friendly. I played this on the show on Sunday and really enjoyed it especially joining in the last pianissimo rallentando ticks at the end before launching into the next link.

Podracer are

  • Alan Anderson – Vocals Guitar
  • Damien Carroll- Bass Vocals
  • Colin Berrill – Drums

They have a full album “Parking Cars and Pumping Gas” available on Bandcamp for 8 Euros (£6-£7)

Ooh, I’ve just noticed they have even taken the trouble to add the lyrics to Bandcamp. I am quite keen on knowing the lyrics, because of course I like to sing along. So it’s great when the band goes to the trouble of writing them down. As you can see they are pretty damn god lyrics too.

Global dimming, the ozone thinning,
The war on drugs but the dealer’s winning,
A fourteen year old with a gun in his hand,
It’s right here. it’s right now but I don’t understand
why headline news in America
Means the same headline news everywhere.
Selling everyone their American dream,
Well we all saw corpses float in New Orleans


Tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM
Click click click click click click BANG

Now stop me if I’m wrong but it seems kinda funny,
We’re acting more stupid as we make more money.
The oceans rise, another African dies.
“Top story – Al Qaeda” What a surprise!


Tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM
Click click click click click click BANG


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