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Sun 26th Jan 2014

Last week I wasn’t very well prepared because once again I didn’t do one of these articles about the show.

Writing it all down helps me to plan and focus and having it written down means I can refer to it during the show.

Listen online


Notes to self

The Voice local radio for North Devon, on Digital, on DAB and across North Devon on FM 106.1 and 107.8

Thanks to Anna Takken for her show.

Getting involved and contacting the show

I can’t do requests but I can dedicate a song to somebody and name check people who get in touch. Also need to know any major traffic incidents or breaking news in the region if you can.

  • Telephone the studio on 01271 323 010
  • Text the word VOICE plus your message to 66010 don’t forget your name if you want a namecheck
  • Tweet @thevoicefm
  • Facebook /thevoicenorthdevon or /olliontheradio
  • Email studio@thevoicefm.co.uk

More unsigned bands

I’ve been given the go ahead to play a few more unsigned bands each week which is great news. Thanks must go to the bands that I have already played, and also to the listeners who have taken the trouble to tweet, share, like, text, email and phone about the bands I have been playing.

Some are existing fans of the bands but others are regular listeners who just enjoy the music.  Either way it is all good.

Bands being featured this week.

Saints of Sin

I saw this band perform at the Chill Bar on Sat 18th Jan and they were amazing. I bought a CD with two tracks on it and I will play one on the show. The band are from Southampton and can be found at www.facebook.com/saintsofsinUK their style is classic hair metal, but they do it so well, the image, the playing, the stage presence and the songwriting are all top notch.

Upcoming local gigs, Friday 22nd Feb at the Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Canyon Ryde

I didn’t play Phil Masters’ band last week so I think it deserves another spin this Sunday. Canyon Ryde played at the Prince of Wales on Friday 17th Jan and were superb. Really want to play “Beyond Lies the Open Sea” but it is quite long so I probably won’t have time. Their facebook is www.facebook.com/pages/Canyon-Ryde/264362433627711

Upoming local gigs,


This is a band from Bideford the lead singer is Phil Saunders, who I met while doing the North Devon Musos, Beatles evening last year.

They are a three piece alt indie outfit and I heard Lee Wardle play them on his show last week, which reminded me I needed to play them on my show.  www.facebook.com/CaptalMusic

Upcoming gigs, Captal are at the Champ, Appledore on the 22nd March and the Factory, Petroc on 26th of April that’s a big “gigathon” in aid of North Devon Hospice.

Mustn’t forget the girls

Kiera Osment

Kiera is a stalwart of The Voice street live. She is still only fourteen and has the voice and mental maturity of a very talented adult. Her songs are melancholy and I continually go on at her to write me a happy song.  If she ever does I want to be the first to play it on the show.


Upcoming local gigs 

  • Tuesday, 25 February The Bowling Green, Exeter
  • Friday, 28 February  Supporting Secret Lie, St Peters Church – Ilfracombe
  • Friday, 21 March Lusty Glaze, Newquay, Cornwall
  • Sunday, 6 April 11:00, Cafe at 36, Exeter
  • NORTH DEVON GIGATHON FOR NORTH DEVON HOSPICE. Saturday, 26 April The Factory Petroc


Jackie Gibbins who is also in the band iFunk, has done a sublime cover of Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child o’ Mine that I think deserves another play out.


A couple more bands to add


From just outside Bude, Littermouth have an eclectic rock sound with hints of other genres thrown in. I have played “Bullets in Bed” a few times but at eight minutes I really need to go with something a bit shorter. “Every Day Every Way is just three and a half minutes and really funky.  www.facebook.com/Littermouth

Upcoming gigs 

  • Sat 1st Feb The Carriers Inn, The Strand, Bude
  • Sat 15th March The Final of – BigUpBude Talent Show at Budehaven Community School, Bude
  • Fri 21 March Preston Gate Inn,Poughill, Nr. Bude


Rolin Humes

A four piece from Croatia with an almost indescribable sound. it is not that unusual but just doesn’t exactly fit any genre. it does however have a similarity to Billy Joel which makes them alright in my book.

The New Messiahs

With as much in common with Paul McCartney as Rolin Humes have with Billy Joel this is a wonderfully musical band with a great big sound. I find myself identifying with a great deal of what they sing about as well.  www.facebook.com/newmessiahs


I discovered this band when i asked for suggestions of bands like Tankus The Henge and Bison. My son came up with these guys.  They are from Scotland but don’t hold that against them.

The track “Do All Dogs go To Heaven” starts off seemingly like a straightforward ska tune. not bad but nothing amazing, but then they slow it right down and then let rip at frenetic pace giving the whole thing some great dynamics.  www.facebook.com/bombskare

Pablo Eskimo

Bunny Boiler is a nice short song from another Scottish band. It was one of the finalist entries in a competition I ran in 2010 but this is a re-recording done last year. www.facebook.com/pages/Pablo-Eskimo/75270856121


I promised myself I would play some Spyplane this week. In particular I want to let the listeners hear J’Adore (or “The French Song” as it is often known) It’s got some grreat time signature changes as an infectious laugh at the end from the adorable Sherrie Tappenden.

Possible new feature next week.

I’m hoping to do a brand new feature starting next week.
And I REALLY hope you will start coming up with suggestions for me to play.

Gone but not forgotten, forgotten but not gone.

Two songs back to back

The first one is a classic track from an artist who is sadly no longer with us. It could be anybody from Elvis to Amy Winehouse, or Jimi Hendrix to Kirsty MacColl.

The second is from an artist who is still around and making music but is being ignored by the mainstream. Now I am really going to need your help here because I have a few great ideas but not enough to keep it going for a long time.

Here are a few examples to get your minds working

  • Katrina Leskanich of Katrina and the Waves
  • Hazel O’Connor who wrote and starred in the film Breaking Glass
  • The Alarm, suggested by Greg from punk covers band “Falling Apart”

I know there are stacks more but I will want your ideas and suggestions to keep this feature going.





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