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Sunday 2nd Feb 2014

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Showers dying out during the afternoon with further sunshine. Still windy, though less so than Saturday. 40% chance of rain dropping to less than 5% by the evening. Maximum Temperature 9 °C.


Some showers likely through the evening. 20% chance of rain for most of the night. Minimum Temperature 5 °C.


It will be very windy as the band of rain slowly pushes eastwards through the day, with some heavy bursts. Clearer and more showery weather will follow later. 20% chance of rain rising to 80% with yellow rain warnings for the region throughout the day. Maximum Temperature 9 °C.

Tide Times

Next high tides 

  • Ilfracombe 19:59 (9.70m) These are all lower than the previous one.
  • Bideford 19:50 (6.40m)
  • Barnstaple 20:02 (4.70m)
  • Croyde/Westward Ho! 19.39 (8.40m)

Getting involved and contacting the show

If you want a dedication or a name-check. To let us to know about any major traffic incidents, weather updates, or breaking news in the region.

  • Telephone the studio on 01271 323 010
  • Text the word VOICE plus your message to 66010 don’t forget your name if you want a namecheck
  • Tweet @thevoicefm
  • Facebook /thevoicenorthdevon or /olliontheradio
  • Email studio@thevoicefm.co.uk

New feature

Gone but not forgotten, forgotten but not gone.

This will need some explaining.
I play two songs back to back.

One song by an artist who is sadly no longer with us.
Obviously there are so many to chose from Elvis, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Kirsty MacColl, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, we could even include an early Rolling Stones track in honour of Brian Jones.
The second by an artist who is still active but for one reason or another is not getting the attention they used to get.
This one is a little harder because you can’t just Google musicians who are badly overlooked by the media. So I need your help. A few suggestions already made are – Katrina Leskanich of Katrina and the Waves, who is still around and had an album out a few years ago, Hazell O’Connor who wrote the film and album “Breaking Glass”, but has had numerous albums out since then. Melanie Safka is also still going strong you’ll remember her for “Brand New Key” but she has done so much more. 

So it’s over to you for suggestions each week for who needs a little bit more exposure and what song should I play.

Unsigned bands this week.

Ashley Fayth (Canada via Cheshire)

She’s from Canada but now lives in Cheshire. She has a sweet voice and some lovely songs. “Scientist” one is probably the most Country and Western of a generally folk/blues style, but I picked it because it is one of the more uptempo numbers.  www.ashleyfayth.com

Boardwalk Isabella (Local North Devon)

I have come to associate Boardwalk Isabella with Canyon Ryde, for no other reason than I came across them at the same time. At the moment I feel I have to play one or the other, so this week is James Hughes’ turn. A funky blend of glam rock and disco that has been getting airplay across the globe so why not in their local area on The Voice?  www.boardwalkisabella.com

Galley Beggar (London area)

I did a review of Galley Beggar on the blog a while ago and Guitar/Mandolin David Ellis recently commented on it. I was planning on playing them anyway so all the more reason to.  They can be found on http://www.galleybeggar.com/ “Outlandish Knight” is from their debut album Reformation House and I’ll warn you now, get your dancing shoes on because it has a real toe tapping ending.

The Verbals

Bideford pop punk trio The Verbals generated a great deal of Twitter activity last week when I played their track “Infidels” so naturally I am encouraged to play them again if only for that reason.  It’s a cracking little song anyway and well worth another spin.  www.facebook.com/TheVerbals

Pablo Eskimo (Scotland)

I promised to play “Bunny Boiler” last week but there was an issue with the file and I couldn’t play it, so this week it’s going on for sure.
This is a new recording of the version that was part of an unsigned band contest I ran back in 2010, and is on the band’s 2013 album Dawn Of The Eskimo. There is a brilliant video on Youtube that you really should check out.  Find them on pabloeskimo.bandcamp.com/

Chris Millington (Local North Devon)

I’m sitting here with my unsigned band music on shuffle and “Riding a Bicycle” by Chris Millington came on.  It’s a very jolly track from a popular local folk musician so I thought I’d let you enjoy it as well http://www.reverbnation.com/chrismillington

Daylight Saving (Kent)

Another artist who I first heard as a result of doing an unsigned band competition in 2010, and this track “Sunshine Is a State of Mind”  manages to be both happy and sad at the same time. The core of the band Kate (vocals/flute) and Richard (guitars) are still going as a duo and can be found at http://www.daysave.co.uk/

Jax (Local North Devon)

Jackie Gibbins is another of many local artists with a stunning voice and huge talent. I’ve been playing her cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine but I think I had better move on and give you a taste of her own stuff, so here’s Suddenly Sunshine from her album of the same name. http://www.reverbnation.com/jackiegibbins

Bison (Sheffield)

Sheffield based 11 piece ska band Bison have a back catalogue of five stupendous albums. I’d really love to see them play a gig in North Devon but it won’t be easy getting 11 musicians and all their gear from Yorkshir to Devon. I need a festival to book them so here’s a great little festival tune called “Pear Cider” listen out for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody, it’s quality. www.facebook.com/bisonsisbisons

One Man Boycott (local North Devon)

Love this guy, Joe Brewer. He’s been on Street Live with Roy Grimes recently. He makes a lot of noise as a one man band, and has a massive tour taking him all over the place including Europe. “Fingers Crossed” is  the opening track from his album/EP “I’ll Love You For the Rest of Our Days” www.onemanboycott.com

Troy Faid

Leeds based Troy Faid is one of the finest guitarists I’ve ever met. He has played a couple of gigs in Ilfracombe and impressed local musos with his talents. I’ve managed to get him back to North Devon in May. he’s playing at Lilicos in Barnstaple so it should be easier for more people to see him perform.


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