Ollis radio show Sunday 9th Feb 2014

Rushed off my feet

Been a  really hectic week this week and have had hardly any time to prepare a show. However I will still be playing a bunch of great unsigned music from some superb bands both local and not.


Staying windy with sunny spells and showers through Sunday.


Gales easing through the day. Further bright or sunny spells and scattered showers, again possibly heavy in places and wintry on higher ground. 60% chance of rain dropping to 20% tonight  Maximum Temperature 8 °C.


Winds easing further. Largely dry but some scattered showers in places Yellow warnings for ice on roads overnight 20% chance of rain rising to 60% around dawn. Temperature down to around 3 °C but feels like zero.


A drier day generally with bright or sunny spells although still with scattered showers, most likely in the afternoon. Much lighter winds than recently. 20% chance of raqin in the morning, rising to 60% in the afternoon, then dropping off again to less than 5% tomorrow night. Maximum Temperature 9 °C.

Issued at: 0400 on Sun 9 Feb 2014

Unsigned Bands

Tankus The Henge – from London

Feb 22nd at the Beaver in Appledore the incredible Tankus The Henge returns to North Devon. It was absolutely packed last time and I could barely move so PLEASE don’t come this time. Obviously I’m kidding don’t miss this band if you can possibly see them.

Jax – North Devon

Local girl Jackie Gibbins, formerly of iFunk but currently with a solo album of considerable depth. I have been playing her cover of Sweet Child o’ Mine but I hope to be able to play you a new track from her today.

Saints Of Sin – Portsmouth

Also playing in North Devon on 22nd Feb but at the Chill Bar. This is an absolutely fantastic rock band in the eighties hair metal mold.
They have everything, stagecraft, image, great songs, amazing musicianship and decent management. Only a handful witnessed their North Devon debut, please make sure they feel welcome this time around.

Kiera Osment – North Devon

Local wunderkind who almost needs no introduction. Beautiful voice and immense talent. She plays all over the region and well beyond. In particular she is playing the North Devon Gigathon at the Factory on 26th April which has an immense line up of local talent.

Bella Gaffney – Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire

There’s a chap by the name of Bill Horncastle up in Yorkshire who does a show on Vixen 101 –
He’s something of an inspiration for me personally and he gave me a mention on his show so I have to name check him on mine of course.
Fox’s Den is a bit like our Street Live, where he has local artists come in and play live as well as playing a good mix of signed and unsigned music.
I heard this young lady on that show and was immediately blown away.
She made me think of a modern day Joni Mitchell with Jimmy Page on acoustic guitar.

The song she played was Seven Black Roses which happens to be a cover of a John Martyn song, although I was ignorant of that at the time.

Captal – North Devon

I’ve played them before and they are surely worthy of more airplay. Local three piece punk band Captal with some great original tunes and an album out now.  “Friend” is the opening track so I’ll play that one.

They are also playing at the North Devon Gigathon in April

The Reasoning – Cardiff

Still one of my favourite bands of all time. I’ve played the title track from “Awakening” a few ties but I’d like to play something a lot more mellow. “Within Cold Glass” features the talents of Steve Rothery from Marrillion as a guest guitarist.

One Man Boycott

Sound Of The Sirens – Exeter

Accoustic duo with lovely harmonies and dual guitar they will be coming to Ilfracombe to play at the Boat House opposite the Landmark theatre in March I’m organising some gigs there just for a bit of fun and to help a bit with promoting some of my favourite bands. Here’s some of the dates already booked.

  • Feb 14th (valentines day)  Obsidian
  • Feb 21st Charmaine Lilley
  • Feb 28th (Big gig at the church)
  • March 7th Leighton Howley
  • March 14th Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles
  • March 21st There’s a big local charity gig in Ilfracombe
  • March 28th Sound of the Sirens

Leighton Howley – North Devon


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