Olli’s Radio Show 23-2-14

Oh dear, leaving it until the morning of the show again…

Notes to self

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Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.



Generally cloudy with a 20% chance of rain, though mostly light and patchy in nature.
Windy, around 20 – 40 mph from the south.
Maximum Temperature 12 °C.


Remaining cloudy overnight with winds easing, but the chance of rain increasing to 80% in the early morning.
Minimum Temperature 6 °C.


A cloudy start with the overnight rain easing during the morning.
20% chance of rain around lunchtime and you might even spot the sun for a bit.
Then a further band of rain moves in, steadily increasing to 80% likelihood by late evening.
Winds picking up later in the day too, typically 20 – 40 mph
Maximum Temperature 11 °C.

Issued at: 0400 on Sun 23 Feb 2014

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Unsigned Bands

I’m only playing nine bands today because a couple of the tracks are a bit long. I think it’s worth the sacrifice though. I’ll try and get back to normal next week.

1, Rolin Humes – Croatia

First out of the traps today are Rolin Humes who are from Croatia. But don’t worry they sing in English and they don’t have any plans to come here at take our jobs just yet. If anyone fancies putting together a tour they’d probably be up for that.

Song title “Freedom”

2, 3, Canyon Ryde – North Devon

I reeally want to play “Beyond Lies The Open Sea” but it is eight minutes long. The only way to do it is to use up two or my choices so that’s what I am going to do.

Song “Beyond Lies The Open Sea”

4, Lenny Savage – Bristol

She’s a singer songwriter from Avon, with a bit of a retro feel to her songs. There are a range of styles on her album “Quaintrelle”, which you can buy online, from various sources.

Song “Green”

5, Lemonhaze – Scotland

Lemonhaze takes their name from a popular air freshener aroma. Honestly!
Well anyway, I thought I’d give em a spin and see what you think. They have a kind of indie sound

Song “Size Of The Universe”

6, Flamin’ Ratrods – North Devon

I played “Saturday Night” last week but you don’t get the flavour of a song on one listen so I think it needs at least another go round.

Song “Saturday Night”

7, Bombskare – Scotland

I’ve played you Bombskare’s “Do All Dogs Go To Heaven” and was rather pleased to see it get playlisted. So here’s a cover of The Beatles “Birthday” from Bombskare’s album “Skabbey Road” which is a ska tribute to the fab four.

Song “Birthday”

8, Leighton Howley – North Devon

He’s playing the North Devon Gigathon on 26th April as well as a number of festivals and such like PLUS I have got him playing at the Boathouse in Ilfracombe on Friday 7th March.

Song “T B A”

9, 10,  Baghdaddies – the world

Baghdaddies are an eclectic bunch of musicians from various parts of the world including Tyneside, and eastern Europe.
Their music is similarly broadly influenced and defies description.
Best I can manage is Ska, Gypsy folk, and world music.
I’m using up two choices again on this one as it’s nearly eight minutes again.

Song “Keep Ya Feet Still”

11, Captal

High time I played Captal again. They are playing the North Devon gigathon on 26th April so another airing of “Friends” is in order.





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