Olli’s Radio Show 2-3-2014

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Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.

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Mostly cloudy. Persistent and locally heavy rain in the afternoon.


Greater than 95% chance of rain this afternoon in fact It should be raining for pretty much the whole of this show. This rain will clear from the west towards the evening. Hovering between 20% and 40% chance for the rest of the evening. Winds mainly westerly or southerly. Maximum Temperature 11 °C.


A fresh band of rain should move in after midnight, around 60% – 80% chance until the early morning. Winds mostly light and from the south. Minimum Temperature 0 °C.


Changeable with a mixture of sunshine and showers, and generally light winds. Some showers will be locally heavy with hail and thunder, and will mostly die away during the evening. Your best chance of some sunshine is around five o’clock until it sets. Maximum Temperature 9 °C.

Issued at: 0400 on Sun 2 Mar 2014

Unsigned bands

Ashley Fayth Chester – via Newfoundland

Ashley’s song Scientist, got a good reception last time I played it so I am going to give it another spin. Her website is www.ashleyfayth.com

Boardwalk Isabella – North Devon

One of the most fervently supported bands in the region. With fans all over the world and airplay in over a hundred countries. This is their first single and there is a follow up due soon, called “The World Is A Mirror” rest assured I will be among the first to play it when it does come out. www.boardwalkisabella.com

Daylight Saving – Kent

The lovely voice of Kate Lynn-Deverre coupled with the guitar work of Richard Eady provides a genre busting mix of jazz and folk. For some radio stations that means they fall between two stools but for me it just makes them all the more interesting. www.daysave.co.uk

Holly Morwenna – Devon

I heard this young lady when I was listening to John Govier on a rival station. Ahem.
It is almost as if there is a “scene” that  seems to have emerged unplanned. She has a lot in common with the likes of Yazzy and Kiera Osment, and it makes me wonder just how many brilliant young ladies there are who can write, sing and play to such a high standard.

Holly is working on an e.p. and she has very kindly let me have a couple of tracks from that. This song is called, simply “Guitar”

Troy Faid – Leeds

It’s taken me a long time to get around to buying Troy’s second album, Solus, but I finally did so and I’m going to play a track called “A Rant and a Widdle”
Troy is in the south west in May. He’s in Penzance on Thursday 15th May, then at Lilicos in Barnstaple on Friday May 16th and then he heads over to the Dartmouth Music Festival for the second year running.
I urge you to make a date in your diary for the Lilicos gig. You have to see him live to believe he really can get some much from just one guitar and one pair of hands.

Leighton Howley – Devon

He’s a birthday boy, so happy birthday mate. He is also coming to the Boat House in Ilfracombe this coming Friday. Well worth getting along to see him, considering he is also playing The Godney Gathering on 19th July.
His album is available on iTunes and Amazon but you can also get one in person on the night.

Bella Gaffney – Oop north

She’s from Yorkshire but studying in Notts. I just love her accent and the way she sings words like “Roses”  I first heard her on a local radio station in Yorkshire that is similar to Roy Grimes Street Live and I just loved her guitar work. Seven Black Roses is a cover of a John Martyn song. Which makes me think, maybe John Martyn should feature on Daryl and Ali’s acoustic rock show sometime soon. I’ll have to suggest it to them.


Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles – Devon

I haven’t played them for a while because they were playlisted but I think I need to give them another spin because they are also playing at the Boathouse in Ilfracombe, Friday week the 14th March

The band needs no introduction to listeners to this show, but if you haven’t seen them live then get along to the Boathouse and check them out.

Bison – Sheffield

An 11 piece ska band from Yorkshire, and number one on my list of bands that I desperately want to see live. Obviously it’s not goign to be cheap to get that many people down to North Devon so the more people who know about them the better the chances.  The band is particularly good at stretching the ska boundaries and combining it with other genres.
“Seasick Sam” for example is a ska sea shanty.

The Verbals – Devon

Every time I play The Verbals on the show we get new followers and retweets galore. If anything will keep a band in the spotlight it is loyal fans reacting to airplay. Keep it up. The Verbals are a three piece indie punk band from North Devon consisting of Matt Smart, Ali MacKenzie, and Guy Squires.  “Infidels” is the name of the song.

68-75 – from Atlanta Georgia

Feamle fronted rock band with a good dose of funkiness.
Suzanne Sledge (vocals), Andrew Cylar (guitars), with Matt Kotheimer(drums) and Matt Sickles(bass)

I might play a track from the latest album or possibly one from the e.p. I have played before. We’ll see.

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