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Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.

Coming up we’ve got a host of great unsigned bands from North Devon and beyond, as well as some great music old and new.


Today and tonight

The rest of today should be clear and dry with plenty of sunshine till about half six when it sets. Less than 5% chance of rain and winds from the north and west so feeling chilly out of the sun. Overnight temperatures dropping to around freezing so be careful on the roads early tomorrow as black ice is highly likely.


Cloud will have built up overnight with the wind changing to south and south east. The chance of rain increases steadily from less than 5% in the early morning, to more than 95% during the afternoon. So don’t plan any picnics. That rain is going to continue until well into the evening before easing off overnight into Tuesday.


More of the same sort of thing for the rest of the week, feeling as cold as recent days with a mixture of cloud and rain and the occasional break in the clouds. your best chance of a bit of sun being on Wednesday morning.

Unsigned bands

Got a great line up of unsigned bands for you today including the first play in Devon of Boardwalk Isabella’s new single “The World Is A  Mirror”, a brand new track from Far North District, they are from Combe Martin, and a track from Bideford punk rockers Anti Plastic Explosives.

Genres include Punk, Hair metal, Folk, Reggae, Glam-Rock-Disco-funk, Pop, Funky-Indie.

Boardwalk Isabella – North Devon


James Hughes, Nathan Porter, Steve Tanton, and George Thomas

This is the first playing of the band’s brand new single “The World Is A Mirror” which is released tomorrow. It manages to combine elements of glam rock with disco and as far as I am aware represents a whole new sub-genre of music.

 Saints Of Sin – Hampshire


Are one of the best bands I have ever seen live.

Rui Brito – Lead Vocals
Marcus Jenkins – Lead Guitar
Matt Spencer – Lead Guitar
Ashley Jenkins – Lead Bass
Josh Rose – Lead Drums

If you like Guns ‘N’Roses, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and any of that type of music then you MUST get along to see these guys when they next come to North Devon. Which is Saturday 5th April at the Chill Bar. I will be there and so should you. I’ve sent a message to the Palladium asking if they can book the band in Bideford so people who can’t get to ‘Combe can see them as well. No promises though.

 Anti Plastic Explosives – North Devon

You might think that North Devon has a lot of folk bands and we do, but we also have a good selection of punk bands, as well.  I’ve played you Captal a fair few times, and various others but I haven’t played you any Anti Plastic Explosives until now.
That’s mainly because I didn’t have anything that we would be allowed to broadcast. But Matt Egan has just sent me this track “Nostalgia” which is clean enough for radio play. Ahem.

 Jared Richter Band – Essex

They may come from right over the other end of the country in the land of the East Saxons, but music recognises no boundaries and requires no passport.

They have literally been together for five weeks now, and this is their only recording. “I-Dream” it has already been picked up by BBC introducing and I decided to give it another whirl after the massive response it got on Twitter last week.

It’s funky indie and very radio friendly.

Skata Tones – North Devon

Fresh from their excellent session on Street Live with Roy Grimes on Thursday evening; and by the way, if you like local unsigned music do check out the shows on Tuesday evening with Lee Wardle and Thursday evening with Roy Grimes.

If you are in a band and want to come on and do a live set then that’s the place to be. You can join the Street Live group on Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/Streetlive/

However, I’m going to play the track I played last week because I love it. They did do a version of this on Roy’s show which you can check out on the Voice website www.thevoicefm.co.uk scroll down to “Listen Again” and just click the Street Live banner.

Mozart’s Revolver – USA

This band have actually disbanded and are no more. The only reason for playing this track is because I love it and I think maybe you might too. Irish folk blended with heavy rock. The song is called Síocháin Please tell me what you think. Tweet @thevoicefm email studio@thevoicefm.co.uk

Far North District – North Devon

This band consisting of Star Evans Tony Dredster

  • Jack
  • Star Evans
  • Chris Millington
  • Kev Holt
  • Tony Dredster

I asked Tony who does what in the band and this is what he told me.

jack is the singer songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Star also helps write and plays egg shakers and guitar, Kev plays cajon drum. I play lead guitar and picking parts. Chris Millington plays harmonica, mandolin, violin, cello, guitar. And we all do vocal harmonies, all 5 of us.

They’ve been going for around a year and have just finished recording an e.p called There’s A Light, four tracks and if ever there was a band that should be on Street Live soon then this is it.

I’m going to play you the last track called “Break The Chains” it reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on it. Anyone can help me out get in touch please. Text Voice plus message to 66010 help me out, it’s driving me crackers.

Too Pro – featuring Ellie Campbell – North Devon

Just to prove to you that I am not only about folk and rock here’s as classy a piece of pure pop as you will ever hear. Too Pro is the studio project and brainchild of Nathan Layland who is also bass player with Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles.

Be Real” features the vocal talents of the delightful Ellie Campbell who is a local singer songwriter in her own right.

Tankus The Henge – London

I’ve had a request for this one from “Someone” I usually don’t let a show go by without playing either Tankus or Bison. This time I asked for suggestions and Cakewalk was put forward so Cakewalk it shall be.

Snugs and the Bishop – North Devon

Peter Bradshaw on vocals and bass; and featuring the talents of music graduate and Boardwalk Isabella guitarist George Thomas on guiter (unsurprisingly)

Cry no More set out to be a bit like classic Gary Moore but George got a bit carried away with emulating the Irish guitar hero and … well listen for yourself. I still love it though, it doesn’t suffer for wearing its influence firmly on its sleeve.

Cream Tangerines – Leicester

A three piece consisting of
Cam Potts – Vocals/Guitar
Dom Potts – Bass
Louis Potts – Drums & Cymbals

They give their main influence as The Beatles but they are a bit heavier than the fab four in the main and remind me more of Led Zeppelin among others.


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