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Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.

This week I am double tracking various artists and running a competition with a prize.

Also got some great news for you about the North Devon Gigathon which I was promoting last week.

But let’s get the weather out the way before we go any further.

Weather for North Devon

Issued at: 4.00 am today

The rest of today

Cloudy across the region with an 80% chance of rain.
It’s going to be heavy at times, particularly over higher ground, although possibly becoming patchy later.
It will be windy, especially around the coasts and hills.
Maximum Temperature 15 °C.


Patchy rain, low cloud and hill fog will persist throughout the night.
The rain is likely to become more widespread and heavier towards dawn.
80% chance of getting rained on throughout the night.
Remaining mild and windy.
Minimum Temperature 9 °C.


Southerly winds move round to the south west, but rain continues although moving northeast bringing the chance of some dry spells tomorrow afternoon. Around 20 – 40% chance of rain.
Some sunny spells following, but sharp showers possible.
Maximum Temperature 13 °C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday

Generally fine, dry with variable cloud, some sunny spells and light winds for Tuesday and Wednesday. A weakening band of patchy rain (generally less than 5% chance) gradually moves south over the region late Thursday.


Saints Of Sin came and rocked the Chill Bar last night with some of the best original rock songs ever. I’m playing two tracks from them today “Living Young” which is their single and “Animal” which is track 2. from their album “Seven Deadly Sins” which is released officially today.

You can find out more about the band by visiting their website which is www.saintsofsin.co.uk 

I’ve got a Saints Of Sin T-Shirt and a copy of “Seven Deadly Sins” to give away to somebody, but you will need to listen because I’m going to ask three questions that a child of six would know the answers to, but if you don’t know the questions then you’ve got no chance.  To make it even easier for those who can’t go online to check, I will blatantly give out the answers during the course of the show so there’s no excuse.

1st Question

Unsigned Bands

I’s not all about Saints Of Sin this week. Last week I was talking about the north Devon Gigathon and I neglected some of my other favourites because of that.

Boardwalk Isabella

Such a great band with a fantastic following. I’m going to single out Natasha Romanova among the host of re-tweeters if only because she has such a lovely sounding name.

Boardwalk Isabella’s New Single “The World Is A Mirror” is the follow up to their debut “Resurrection Man” I’ll be playing both today so here’s the first.

Jared Richter Band

I decided to play I-Dream early in the week, and then I got a message from Jared telling me that their new single would be ready in time for me to play it today and offering me the chance for a worldwide exclusive.

How could I refuse. So I-Dream coming up now, and the new single “Don’t You Run From Love” a bit later on in the show.

Saints Of Sin

2nd Question 

First off is their debut single “Living Young”

Later on I’ll be playing “Animal” which is not the Def Leppard song

3rd Question

Troy Faid

Troy is from Leeds but he is in Devon in May. The band are right down in Penzance on Thursday 15th May then playing for the first time in Barnstaple at Lillico’s on Friday 16th May and a second gig at the Dartmouth Music festival on Saturday.

Troy’s second album is Solus and I plan to play the title track and one called “A Rant And A Widdle”
Although if I get the go ahead in time I might play a track from the new album that hasn’t been released yet.

Sound of The Sirens

Two lovely young ladies who both sing and play guitar. Lots of harmonies and beautiful melodies. They are coming to Ilfracombe on Friday 25th April playing a gig at The Boathouse. I will definitely be there right at the front.

Their new album is called “Long Way Down” and I am going to play the first and last tracks from that. “The Night Before” and “Faith in Fire”


It is three weeks since I last played Bison which is way too long.







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