Month: October 2014

Olli On The Radio 12th Oct 2014

The Voice every Sunday from 3:00 – 6:00 pm It’s Olli On The Radio – with the unsigned show – on the Voice – local radio for North Devon Listen in North Devon On 106.2 and 107.8 fm  Or on D.A.B. 

Jaz Delorean (solo)

Jaz Delorean – the album The lead singer and pianist of Tankus The Henge, a prodigious talent, who can also be seen playing trombone and accordion in the band’s live sets, dressed in a battered hat and a variety of suits usually in

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… sod that; read this.

RIGHT, I was writing my first post in ages when……. It wasn’t going well. I’m sharing this computer with an eight year old girl who watches Barbie videos on YouTube. Not professional videos but videos of grown up women playing

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Watch this space

Oh dear me it’s been WAAAY too long since I posted. I might be getting some more free time, ominous work meeting about my crappy day job. Money’s not much but have been getting out of debt,  and the boss