… sod that; read this.

RIGHT, I was writing my first post in ages when…….

It wasn’t going well. I’m sharing this computer with an eight year old girl who watches Barbie videos on YouTube. Not professional videos but videos of grown up women playing with Barbies. How sad is that?

So I watched the news, and Points South West, and then East-Enders came on and I decided to go out and see a band at The Chill Bar. Headlining was Falling Apart who, by the way were the best I have seen them and that is saying something.

Supporting was a very new band, The Distraction, playing their fifth gig. All aged 17, and all girls.  Now, I had seen video of one of their early live performances at a local open mic. They obviously had potential but needed some refinement and experience. There was also a recording that they had done at the Ariel Studios. The recording was tidy but not quite broadcast quality. A decent demo. All in all I was hoping to see potential.

I was not disappointed, the song they recorded is their own composition. It is a  great little song with a catchy stop start riff, quite vocal driven, would be right up xFM’s street. The rest of their songs so far are covers. White Stripes, Blur, Jet, Joan Jett, etc. The Lady Gaga (or whatever) didn’t work for me. Anyway, generally good stuff, with a few raw edges, to be expected from four 17 yr olds who are still doing A levels.  The Donnas were pretty raw in their early recordings.

Then I found my mind pondering the Multiverse.
Countless parallel universes each differing only by a single decision made by one individual.
In each universe there is one small difference; one decision that one person made that changed the course of history. Just like Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf, who exists in the form of “Ace” a gung ho space jock who  test pilots a universe-hopping spacecraft and meets infinite versions of himself; including Arnold Judas Rimmer, the dead guy with the goalpost forehead, full of insecurities, blaming everyone but himself for his woes.

I could visualise a future in which these four young ladies carried on playing gigs around North Devon for six months and then ended up gradually losing faith in the music business and getting “proper jobs” or having kids and settling down.
And I could also see them playing sold out gigs in big venues, getting heavy rotation on xFM radio, and on the front cover of Kerrang magazine.

There is even a universe where they get signed by Simon Cowell and produce a pop version of  “My Sharona” but I really don’t want to think about that. 

This isn’t meant to be a long post so I will stop shortly. I’ve had a few beers at the gig, so I want to press “publish” before I go to bed and wake up regretting my actions.

The band needs to do the following things, almost all at once and not absolutely in this order. Hence bullet points not numbers.

  • Singer get professional vocal coaching
  • Guitarist practice for several hours every day
  • Record their first original song to a proper broadcast standard, which may take a day in the studio
  • Spend some money on clothes to create a LOOK that fits with their style of music AND appeals to the target audience.
  • Sort out a manager, and a simple legal agreement about writing credits, performance credits and all that stuff that music legals do.
  • Get a proper band website, and make sure social media is all set up properly.
  • Get a Bandcamp site to sell their msuic
  • Get an ISRC for their music, register with PRS, get airplay for their new single (the last part is easy)
  • Start looking for gigs across the country and beyond

There are probably other things but as I said, I’ve had a drink.

Money may well be a challenge.


I will pledge.

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