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Jaz Delorean – the album

Jaz Delorean prior to a Tankus the Henge gig at The Beaver, Appledore

The lead singer and pianist of Tankus The Henge, a prodigious talent, who can also be seen playing trombone and accordion in the band’s live sets, dressed in a battered hat and a variety of suits usually in eye searing shades of orange or red, also has a solo career.

He is no less flamboyant and theatrical, in his renditions of the songs on this 7 track eponymous album, despite the reduced instrumentation.

This is a bit like Tankus the Henge stripped to the bones just Jaz’s tinkling, clamouring, beautiful yet raucous piano, coupled with his rich gravelly vocals and some thoughtful and humourous lyrics.

All I do is talk about the weather,
whether I’m right,
whether I’m wrong …

The track listing is as follows

  1.  Weather 02:57
  2.  Pragmatophobia And Other Delusions 04:51
  3.  Shoeshine 03:17
  4.  Temporary 04:00
  5.  Indigestion 03:19
  6.  Wayward 03:09
  7.  Rondo 06:24

Rondo is an instrumental and I could imagine as I listened a flickering black and white film, the theatrical sighs of a silent actress, the cunning mute laugh of a be-cloaked villain, the storyboards explaining the tale of woe.

Wayward tells the tragic tales of various circus type characters, a prevailing theme with Tankus the Henge.

A fair few of the songs have quite deep

Here’s the album on Bandcamp so you can check it out and buy it if you like it.

By far my preferred way to buy unsigned music is from Bandcamp.  They pay the artist more than the likes of Amazon or iTunes and the download interface is WAY better than Soundcloud or similar.

I’m looking forward to Tankus the Henge performing their gigs in Ilfracombe and Barnstaple in a couple of weeks time. I should get a chance to meet the band properly as I have arranged their accommodation. Maybe some kind of interview could happen?

Jaz has his own blog on Tumblr http://jazdelorean.tumblr.com/ it’s a good read.

Twitter here https://twitter.com/JazDelorean


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