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New to the show music from “The Undercover Hippy”, “Steve Waters”, “Chris Good” and “Tankus The Henge” 

And music also from local artists, “Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles”, “Breaks Collective”, “Skatatones”, “Rushwood”, and “Falling Apart”

Across the pond this week features a band called  SIMO from Nashville Tennessee 

Gone But Not Forgotten, Forgotten But Not Gone, features Lynsey De Paul – You can still influence my decision as to which of her songs to play although I am leaning towards “Ooh I Do” because I’m guessing you’ve heard “No Honestly” and “Rock Bottom” enough just lately –
Forgotten But Not Gone is a new single from Katrina Leskanitch of Katrina and the Waves fame. #GBNFFBNG

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Undercover Hippy

Introduced to me by a music promoter called Richie of the Mojo Hobo agency who also handle several local artists including Small Town Jones, and Tuesday Syndicate. Undercover Hippy kicked off as a solo artist but has gradually assembled a band along the way. His stuff is very fresh with catchy riffs and great lyrics with a great sense of humour.

Last Chance To Dance” is the track I’m playing and it really should get your feet moving

 Steve Waters

I had a clandestine meeting with my friend Ginny, well, if you can call coffee in the Manor House Cafe, Ilfracombe clandestine.
She wanted to give me a CD. We chatted about Littermouth because Ginny does PR for the Bude rockers, and we also talked about Dave Sharp who Ginny knows quite well. It was via Dave that she met Steve Waters and they are planning a collaboration between the three of them.

Meanwhile, I’m playing “Father’s Song” from Steve’s album “Learning As We Go”

 Tankus the Henge

First of two tracks from the band that describe their sound as apocalyptic carnival rock and roll. “Recurring Dream” there’s a superb video for this on YouTube. Tankus  play in Ilfracombe 23rd October and Barnstaple 24th October do get along to one or both of those.

Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles

Much loved local band,   Liz  always requests them when I ask for requests and I know a lot of you like them but don’t say anything so….

The Breaks Collective

A friend of mine by the name of Andrew, spotted me in a shop the other day and asked if I was the chap on the radio who played a song by a local band last Sunday.
I had to admit is was probably me. He then went on to say he couldn’t remember the name of the band but he really liked it. All he could recall was that I’d said the guitarist Harvey had just started a course in music in Bristol.

Obviously it could only be The Breaks Collective so this is that track “Fun In Mind” for Andy, who has also since found the band online. THIS is what I do this for.

Gone But Not Forgotten, Forgotten But Not Gone

This week it’s a self selection, I’d love to get your requests for this though. Twitter @OlliOnTheRadio #GBNFFBNG

Lynsey De Paul died on the 1st October this year aged 64 (OR 66 depending on whether you believe the BBC or the General Registry Office)
She had a string of hits in her own right including “Sugar Me”, “Ooh I Do”, and “No Honestly”, as well as the Eurovision song “Rock Bottom” with Mike Moran.
She also wrote and co wrote a number of hits and worked as an atress and presenter.

Katrina Leskanitch was the lead singer of Katrina and the Waves. Obviously they are most famous for “Walking On Sunshine” and the Eurovision winner “Love Shine A Light”
The band broke up shortly after  that amid a lot of legal wranglings but Katrina Leskanitch who was a huge teenage crush of mine still looks and sounds  amazing and has released a brand newalbum “Blisland” from which I am playing the title track.

 Across the pond this week features SIMO from Nashville Tennessee They have a sound reminiscent of late sixties early seventies psychedelic rock and have been compared to Hendrix and Cream, as well as taking influences from the more recent garage rock scene of bands like Jet and The Strokes.

SIMO is  J.D. Simo – Guitar; Frank Swart – bass; and Adam Abrashoff – drums.

I’m playing Shake It, which is track 2 from their eponymous debut.

Skaad For Life #Skaad4life

It’s a no brainer this week and next. Skata Tones are supporting Tankus the Henge at the Golden Lion Tap, in Barnstaple and as North Devon’s best loved Ska/Reggae band they are a shoe in for this slot.

“Cash 22” (it’s all about the money)

Chris Good is from Plymouth and I heard of him because he posted a comment on here. 

Love the blog, what a great find.

While I get stuck into digging around, perhaps you’d be happy to take a peek at my debut album, launched on Radio Devon and BBC Introducing, Devon on 1st Feb. Links to Spotify are on my site. http://www.goodbyname.co.uk

Thank ye!

Chris Good

I haven’t even looked at this blog for ages, so when I did I followed up all the genuine comments and downloaded tracks where possible.

“Would You Sail With Me” is from his e.p. “To The Sun” and can be downloaded free via his website


Angela Elswood – vocals Alex Rushton – guitar  and Aiden Gotch – drums
I’m still salivating at the prospect of new material from this outfit from Bude but for now I must content myself with “She Came From The Blue” which is available from Bandcamp

Falling Apart

Punk rock covers band Falling Apart have been very busy gigging with support from a brand new all girl band called The Distraction. Four 17 yr olds who have still got a lot to learn but I believe they will be giving me a single to play before the year is out.

Meanwhile let’s have “I Wanna Go” from the fully matured Falling Apart.
Greg Schofield – Guitar;  Andrew Argyle – Drums;  Dan Emery – Bass; and Noel Grummitt bringing the band in on keyboards.

Tankus The Henge

Two Tankus songs in one show, I know it’s cheeky but my excuse is that I am really excited to have secured their services for a gig in Ilfracombe as well as their gig in Barnstaple. I’m still going to go to both gigs anyway but for those who rely on public transport it is now much easier to get along to one or other. Musically this band are great but they also put on a fantastic carnival of a show that really shouldn’t be missed.



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