Radio show 2018-10-18

@OlliOnTheRadio on The Voice local radio Thu 18th Oct 2018

Tonight, our special guest is Shannon Amy Lewis, from 8-9pm
From 9-10 pm we’ve got new music from Trookers who are all the way from Shetland, with a very jaunty musical song called Minute Steak, and a Halloween track from a local band named “Devils’ Avocados” (what a genius name!) which is anything but jaunty and musical. It is ferocious and bloodcurdling, is what it is.

We should also have new music from a band called “King Creature” who dropped a CD at the studios recently.

Tune in on 106.1 & 107.8 fm in North Devon, on DAB, and online or on your phone with the Radio Player app.

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