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Ollis radio show Sunday 9th Feb 2014

Rushed off my feet Been a  really hectic week this week and have had hardly any time to prepare a show. However I will still be playing a bunch of great unsigned music from some superb bands both local and

6 Minutes to Sunrise

Introducing 6 Minutes to Sunrise Southampton Alt Rockers PLEASE NOTE : I first began this article before Christmas and have had a few more attempts to finish it since then. My attention span is variable. As a result some of

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Gadget Hack-Wrench Suck by Luis Drayton

Review of Track 3 of XRP Journey Through Genres Track 3 of the unsigned sampler compilation from XRP radio comes from XRP stalwart Luis Drayton. I’m not going to pretend I understand Luis Drayton at all. He is a slightly

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Perfect guy by Big Rhino

Track 2 from XRP Radio Journey Through Genres Big Rhino are a rock indie band from Nottingham. This track is also available from their Bandcamp page as part of a three track E.P. called “Turn Around Baby”. It opens up with

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Olli’s radio show

Olli on the radio Sunday 2nd Feb 2014 The Voice local radio for North Devon, online, on digital and across North Devon on FM 106.1 and 107.8 Weather Today: Showers dying out during the afternoon with further sunshine. Still windy,

Olli’s Radio show

Olli on the radio Sun 26th Jan 2014 Last week I wasn’t very well prepared because once again I didn’t do one of these articles about the show. Writing it all down helps me to plan and focus and having

Saint Of Sin – Live Review

Saints of Sin Hair metal Chill Bar Ilfracombe Sat 18th Jan 2014 We interrupt this ongoing track-by-track review of XRP radio album to bring you news of an incredibly good young hair metal band from Southampton. From a chance text

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Apologies for so few posts

Been very busy Sorry to anyone (is there anyone) who is a regular reader of this blog. I have a ton of articles lined up to write mostly about XRP radio’s Journey Through Genres album tracks. But for most of

Vulpes by Podracer

Track 5 on “Journey Through The Genres” XRP Radio’s 61 track sampler album See tracklisting here Buy Journey Through The Genres on Bandcamp. Stand out track Vulpes by Podracer is a huge stand out track for me on an album

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Olli’s Radio Show Sunday 12th Jan 2014

Olli On The Radio 12-01-2014 The Voice of North Devon 3.00 – 6.00 pm Oline and on DAB Another Sunday has come round and once again I don’t feel prepared. Writing these articles about what I plan to do helps me