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Olli’s Radio Show Sunday 12th Jan 2014

Olli On The Radio¬†12-01-2014 The Voice of North Devon 3.00 – 6.00 pm Oline and on DAB Another Sunday has come round and once again I don’t feel prepared. Writing these articles about what I plan to do helps me

2014 an exciting year ahead

Looking forward to the new year already 2013 has been a bit of a rubbish year for me personally. Apart from the rapid growth of this blog from my first tentative posts in spring to the current level of over

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Olli on the radio 15-12-13

Radio show on The Voice for Sunday 15th December 2013 I’ve not done this for a couple of recent shows¬†and I regret it. It is nice to have a bit of a record of what I plan to talk about

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Olli’s Radio Show – Sunday 10th November 2013

Olli and Morton on the radio I am sitting in on Saturday 9th November from 3.00 – 7.00 pm for Chris Robbins. I won’t be doing too much messing about with what has been pre-selected, just making whimsical comments and

Olli’s Radio show Sunday 3rd November 2013

Decided to start this early to avoid being disorganised on the day. I was planning on playing tunes from the new unsigned showcase album “Good To Go – No Dramas” from That Ryan Martin a.k.a. RAMUK69 Unfortunately I couldn’t get

Olli’s radio show Sunday 27th Oct 2013

I didn’t get around to making any notes for the show last Sunday. It was a bit of a frustrating time as I had plans to include some tracks from the new unsigned showcase album “Good To Go – No

Olli’s radio show – Sunday 20th October 2013

Notes for my show on The Voice on Sunday 20th October 2013 I meant to start making these notes a few days ago. I’m sure I’ve already forgotten at least one song that I decided I was going to play.

Olli’s Radio Show – Sunday 13th October 2013

Notes for show on The Voice on Sunday 13th October 2013 Unsigned bands featured on this week’s show. Well I have been a bit lazy on the researching unsigned bands front this week. So I am just going to play

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Olli’s Radio Show – Sunday 6th October 2013

Notes for my radio show on The Voice Sunday 6th October 2013 I’m really just doing this to have something to refer to so I don’t forget what I want to play, say, and talk about. Gig Guide and Events

Olli’s radio show Sunday 29th Sept 2013

Really just for my benefit Plans for the show on Sunday 29th September I’ve got a stack of new (to me at least) bands to play this week. These are some notes about what I am planning to play. In