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A test of my SEO skills

Getting my new band website ranked Calling our new covers band “The Buzz” was always going to create a challenge, getting it to the front page of Google. Well I like a challenge so I have already got stuck in. Read

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Promoting yourself online – cross linking

I can’t stress this enough link to ALL your sites from all your sites Come on folks, this is so basic. If you are in a band, make sure every single one of your sites has links to every other.

On The House – Free Local Music

New music blog reviewing bands with free downloads On The House Music is a music review site that focuses on bands offering free music downloads. Whilst I think that musicians should get paid for good music, I am also well

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Lemonrock – UK gig and venue listing site

A superb tool for busy gigging bands I first encountered Lemonrock many years ago at around the time it took over another gig listings site based in the South West of England. Since then Lemonrock has gone from strength to

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Social media and music platforms

What sites do you need as an unsigned band? This is a very big subject and opinions differ wildly. However I am going to attempt to help a bit with some balanced and qualified opinions. This is most relevant to

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A few new websites up and running recently

Here are a few web addresses for bands that you should know about or might be interested in. Billy Brown, singer songwriter, and HUGE supporter of unsigned bands has had a website for a while but not really got past a

Bandcamp – putting the artist first – make money from music sales

Bandcamp puts the artist first make money from your music sales It is my policy with this blog to avoid telling you about things that will end up costing you money in your band. Especially money up front in return

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Musobox free online directory for musicians

Introducing Musobox online directory for musicians I friend of mine on Facebook is involved with this site which has been set up fairly recently. Musobox is for musicians to showcase their talents, helping them to form or join bands, or to

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The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet. I must just share this with you. I use it a lot myself. It is the ultimate cheat sheet for sizing social media images and text for the optimum effect every

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The Who – tribute bands

It may surprise you to know that there aren’t very many tributes to the Who The Who were, in my opinion the number one band of the sixties. Yeah, I know everyone always goes on about The Beatles, and The

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